An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth

Date Posted:
October 2006

Rinpoche wrote the following letter to Al Gore.

My very dear Honorable Al Gore,
I am the spiritual head of the FPMT, which is a worldwide organization devoted to benefiting society through the practice and philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism, education, public service, health, and culture. The FPMT has 141 centers and activities in 31 countries. I am from Nepal, near Mount Everest.

I heard about the very inspiring movie that you made called An Inconvenient Truth. I and a number of monks and nuns (Sangha) from different countries, as well as other students, went to see your movie. It is quite shocking to see the truth, what is happening in the world, where the world is going, particular the USA; it’s quite amazing—based on money, just to produce more money. People are now becoming aware of the harm, the great danger, and the effects that will come. Even now these have started happening. So many people living in this world are facing dangers through global warming, floods, and melting snow and ice. This will soon endanger many people around the world and in the USA.

Even in Tibet, in Lhasa (the capital of Tibet), it has become warmer. It wasn’t like this before, and there has been a change. My conclusion is it is because of people’s lack of education, the lack of awareness that what people do has an effect; people are not being mindful or understanding this.

I and all the monks, nuns, and students who went to see your movie highly appreciate your efforts and what you are doing to reveal the truth, exposing and introducing the truth to the world.

Please continue taking responsibility to benefit this world, to reduce suffering, and to bring peace and happiness to this world. The ultimate goal is for people to develop a good heart, for everyone to live happily, only benefiting each other, including between different religions, and also including animals (there are so many, compared to humans).

With prayers for your long life, for your wishes to benefit others to succeed, and if you can, especially, for helping His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people to have total political and religious freedom, like before, and to be guided by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This is what the majority of Tibetans anxiously, very earnestly want.

Sincerely yours...