How to Think After Falling

How to Think After Falling

Date of Advice:
November 2018
Date Posted:
April 2021

A student wrote that she had sustained injuries from several falls. The first time she bruised or fractured a rib, then she fell again and hurt her back, and then she slipped and dislocated her knee. Rinpoche gave this advice.

The first technique, it is good to think, "I have not recovered!"

A second technique is to think, "This is how it is in samsara; it never ends."

Another way to think, “Hopefully the last fall will be at Rinpoche’s house when I come to see him.” [The student lived nearby.]

In the meantime, ask Geshe-la to do Drugchuma puja either at your house or if he can't manage that, then he can do it at his house. You don’t have to be there.

At least once a day recite the Thirty-five Buddhas practice. Do this for the children as well, and dedicate, not just for children at the school you work at, but for all the children!

With much love and prayer ...