Good Karma of Caring For Animals

Good Karma of Caring For Animals

Date of Advice:
January 2014
Date Posted:
June 2016

Rinpoche gave this card to a neighbor who was very kind and always fed the animals and birds. The neighbor was not a Buddhist. Rinpoche explained karma and delusion, and how to cease that by achieving ultimate happiness.

My most dear, kind, precious, wish-fulfilling one,
How are you? I am sorry you didn’t have time to come to the celebration, but please come to see, the statue is waiting for you.

I wanted to say a billion, zillion thanks on behalf of the animals, for taking care of them. They can’t express it; I am their microphone to you. That’s really fantastic. It brings inner happiness and it really gives you a good purpose of life, a meaning to life and living, by giving happiness to others.

Even though there are many different levels of happiness, in the ordinary world we know only one kind, the happiness of this life. In reality there is also the happiness of future lives, until we cease the cause of reincarnation, the delusions and actions, called karma in Sanskrit.

The main delusion, the principal one is ignorance. That is the mere belief; the very root is believing there is a real I, while there is not. It never existed, it never happened, except what merely exists in mere name, merely labeled by the mind. It is extremely unbelievably subtle, what it is by analyzing. We believe the I exists from its own side, that it is truly existent or exists from its own side, existing by its nature. Even though we believe it is labeled, we don’t believe it is merely labeled.

So by that realization of ultimate wisdom realizing emptiness only and then by developing that, we get direct perception of emptiness. The ultimate realizations cease delusion and karma (its actions), which are the cause of oceans of samsaric suffering. Only then can we achieve ultimate happiness, the everlasting blissful state of peace.

Then higher than that, by ceasing the subtle obscurations we achieve total realization, where there is nothing more to achieve, to understand—what is called buddhahood, or sang-gye in Tibetan. Sang means the total elimination of all the obscurations and gye is the completion of all the realizations. That is the peerless happiness. Then we are able to benefit numberless sentient beings, to liberate them from the oceans of samsaric suffering and bring them to the peerless happiness—buddhahood or sang-gye, the total elimination of all the obscurations and completion of all the realizations.

There are many different levels of happiness that get better and better in the world. Ordinary people’s happiness is not pure perfect happiness because it is in the nature of suffering. It appears as pleasure for attachment, but not for wisdom. In reality there are numberless beings who achieve all the different levels of happiness.

I am very sorry, taking so much of your time, this just slipped out of my mouth. I hope to see you soon.

Please enjoy being kind to the animals. Your good karma from being kind takes care of your life, because it is a dependent arising. Good action has a good result for numberless future lives, it has good success.

With much love and prayers...