Fundraising for a House

Fundraising for a House

Date Posted:
April 2011

Rinpoche gave the following advice to a nun on various topics, including fundraising to buy a house.

My very dear Christine,
How are you? I hope you are still Vajrayogini.

I think your good karma is ripening—you are receiving more support from people, after all these years of hard work, merit and doing the Six-Session Yoga. It is great that this couple wants to help you. It is great you have become the honey and they have become the flies. It is not a honeymoon but honey Dharma.

I am in London and Jean is helping me. He brings me tea at 3am, while I am sleeping. I am taking an English class, but I must be her laziest student. This is so that in the future I can explain the Dharma more professionally.

As far as buying the house, coming for the teachings, etc., as you mentioned, I think it is better if you do retreat than go for teachings. It is good to buy the house, but you shouldn’t rely on the teaching program to pay for it. There have to be other methods of fundraising. Discuss with other people the methods to raise the money.

Much love and prayer...