FPMT’s Purpose Is to Help Others

FPMT’s Purpose Is to Help Others

Date of Advice:
January 2016
Date Posted:
January 2022

Rinpoche sent this message to a person who was very happy because some officials had expressed interest in learning about Dharma.

Most dear one,
This is such good news, because the FPMT’s only purpose for existing is to help others, regardless of caste, etc. Giving the path to enlightenment is our sole reason for existing.

Teaching Dharma is even more important than building statues, if there is interest and they understand. The purpose of a statue is to purify the minds of sentient beings, so they can ripen to be able to listen to the Dharma.

It's very important for you to keep the connection, and to give them books so that their wisdom can become deeper. 

We can help them; we can teach Dharma to that community. There are some monks, one who is at Sera Je Monastery, and others. We also have many books, if they can read English, or we can have them translated. We can help set up a program of study that is suited to them.

With love and prayers ...