Feng Shui at the Center

Feng Shui at the Center

Date of Advice:
January 2000
Date Posted:
January 2018

This advice about the benefits of feng shui was given by Rinpoche to all FPMT center directors. Rinpoche also asked the centers to put up a picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in order to create the causes for him to guide us.

Dear center directors,
The main cause of success and difficulties is good karma and negative karma, but there are external conditions for success and prosperity, and also for problems.

The correct feng shui is set up inside the house and in the external environment, by placing cures for a disturbing environment. This is done in order to bring success and to stop problems. These are the conditions. However, when good karma is very strong, the external and internal conditions naturally change due to the power of this good karma, even without any idea of feng shui.

Having an understanding of feng shui helps, therefore I am sending this book [about feng shui] to all the centers, especially for those centers where there is a lot of disharmony and many financial problems. This can help to solve these things, depending on how extensively correct feng shui is done. Feng shui can even help the FPMT centers that have been developed for many years and are doing quite well due to much purification, merits and correct Dharma understanding.

Within the organization, we are building retreat centers and setting up city centers, so we need many things for success, to benefit Dharma. When there is much harmony, stable finances and things are going well, people can have more space in the mind to develop compassion and a good heart. In this way they are able to continue their practice without much pressure, worry and fear about running the center. Also, they will be more mentally clear and physically healthy.

Of course, for bodhisattvas the harder it is the happier they become, because they have the opportunity to sacrifice their life and bear hardships for others.

I feel that the first, best and biggest benefit, and the main solution, is Dharma. I think feng shui is the next most important solution to help others and to stop the normal problems that people always talk about, such as their relationships, jobs, health, education, wealth and long life.

I would also like to request all the centers to put a picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the south-west part of the director’s office at the center. This is to create the causes for His Holiness to guide us.

Thank you very much and have many, many, far-out good luck.