Erma Jam to Raise Funds For Lawudo

Erma Jam to Raise Funds For Lawudo

Date of Advice:
January 2009
Date Posted:
December 2016

Rinpoche sent this hand-written note to one of his attendants, who had offered erma and avocado on a cracker to Rinpoche. Erma is a spice, like red peppercorn, that comes from Lawudo in Solu Khumbu region, Nepal. On the previous days Rinpoche had made up some jars of erma and butter, and also erma and jam, as gifts for the neighbors and the person who built the house.

Yesterday what you offered me, with avocado and erma, putting a small amount on a cracker, that was very delicious. I think what we made for the builder of the house and neighbors was a little bit strong, because maybe we put too much erma in that. Now every being is full awakened by erma with avocado.

Wow! Gorgeous flavor.

I had that idea to mix erma and butter many years ago, but I never tried it, only this time. I was hoping the neighbors and builder would be happy, but this mixture that you made is better.

I had the idea in New Zealand, when I was doing Vajra Yogini retreat. __ helped me with my fire puja, which went well, of course all night. I had the idea to make erma jam or erma butter, and sell it in a bottle to raise funds for Lawudo.

HA HA HA. Enjoy life!