Epilepsy, Paralysis and Numbness in Head

Epilepsy, Paralysis and Numbness in Head

Date Posted:
November 2012

A student wrote to Rinpoche about symptoms of dizziness, numbness and tingling on the top of his head. He also felt as if someone was sitting on his throat and chest. The symptoms occurred once or twice a week for a few minutes, but were increasing. The student, who was 36 years old, had a stroke at the age of seven, and now had epilepsy, a head injury and paralysis to his right side.

My very dear one,
Thank you for your kind email, sorry for the delay in replying. I checked and according to my observation it is difficult for your life this year and it seems there is another kind of obstacle next year.

According to my observation you should do these things:

  • It is most beneficial for you to recite the Black Manjrushri mantra and do the practice every day. If you can, recite the mantra 21 times a day, and do the practice mindfully with meditation.
  • You need to have gektor puja done, but you need to be present for this puja. A lama or meditator who practices can do this for you.
  • I am blessing some water for you. It comes out very good for you to take some every day. I will have the water posted to you, once I finish blessing it by Chenrezig mantra recitation.
  • It is very good for you to do the Lion-face Dakini practice.

I am also doing prayers for you.

With much love and prayers...