Donation to Amdo Eye Center

Donation to Amdo Eye Center

Date Posted:
May 2011

Rinpoche sent the following letter thanking a person who had made a large donation to the Amdo Eye Center in Tibet.

My very dear brother,
I just want to express how unbelievably generous, compassionate, and brave-hearted you are for benefiting other beings who have a great need in this world, particularly for helping all those people in Tibet who are blind, to open their eyes. What incredible happiness you are giving them. This means hundreds and thousands and thousands of people over the years will benefit. So many people will receive unbelievable benefit from you.

First, you are creating a huge cause for achieving happiness and success in this life, future lives, and for hundreds and thousands of lifetimes, because that is the nature of the karma. From one cause you experience results for hundreds and thousands of years. Of course, your motivation is very pure, only for their benefit, for them to be free from suffering, particularly not being able to see, and to have the great happiness of seeing. That becomes the cause for full enlightenment, great liberation, peerless happiness, the cessation of all the mistakes of the mind—the gross and subtle defilements—and the accomplishment of all the realizations and qualities.

Second, of course there is inconceivable benefit for other sentient beings, for each person; you cannot imagine how much benefit they receive. Opening their eyes gives them unbelievable freedom, especially for them to be able to see holy objects, which purifies their mind and collects skies of merit and good luck.

I don’t want to write more, to waste your precious human life, which can do skies of good things for you and especially for numberless living beings.

With much love and prayers for you. Thank you very much again ...