Discovering Dharma

Discovering Dharma

Date Posted:
November 2013

After reading How to Practice Dharma: Teachings on the Eight Worldly Dharmas, a student wrote to Rinpoche, who replied with advice about “the real Dharma.” 

Student’s letter  

What a profound impact your book, How to Practice Dharma, had on my mind. I thought that you would appreciate hearing about it. I have read about the eight worldly dharmas before, numerous times, but it never really impacted on me like it did while reading your book. I wept and wept with the knowledge that after all these years of trying to learn the Dharma and thinking that I was making some progress practicing Dharma, in reality, I have never really practiced Dharma without the eight worldly dharmas controlling me. That awareness makes me cry now, while writing to you. So much time has been wasted.

I scotch-taped notes on my computer, phone, water jug, and food pantry—and while I am writing to you, I am thinking of other ideas to place the post-its—with the word "motivation" to remind me to check my true motivation. I have written on a note card a prayer from your book that I say before I drive my car, also before I read my holy Dharma books and before I begin my morning and evening practice. I am eternally grateful for you taking the time to write that book, for without it, I would have continued doing what I have always done, and wasted my entire life unknowingly.

Rinpoche’s response

My very dear most kind precious Zoe,
Skies of thanks for discovering Dharma and trying to practice Dharma with every action. Thank you very, very much. That's the real Dharma. Even in the monasteries studying so much extensive philosophy, sometimes Dharma gets left out for some people. It looks like Dharma practice, but they are not practicing Dharma.

It is so precious what you discovered, what you experienced. You discovered Dharma; what Dharma is. Numberless thanks again.

With much love and prayer...