Dharma in Mongolia

Dharma in Mongolia

Date Posted:
January 2006

Rinpoche sent this advice to the Sangha who are receiving shelter and food in Mongolia.

To be responsible for the Dharma, and for it to exist for many eons in Mongolia, to be the “shining the light of Dharma” in the world, and to bring sentient beings to the highest enlightenment, you need to study hard. You need not only to learn the words but also the meaning, and apply it, meditating and doing Dharma practice in your life, especially regarding the Vinaya, (which is living in ordination and following the moral disciplines).

Think not only about the words, but also the meaning. Everyone should have the thought of being a monk for life. This is the best, both now and in the future.

From the teachers’ side, they should try to make the monks feel this way. They should teach them the lam-rim on the basis of philosophy. Teach them to rely on the lam-rim to subdue the mind and to have a good heart to benefit others. In particular, teach the monks the shortcomings of samsara, and the faults of lay life. Cultivate renunciation for this life.

If this happens, from our side, we will make efforts to offer service to the Sangha.