Collecting Merit

Collecting Merit

Date Posted:
June 2013

Rinpoche gave the following advice on creating merit for business success.

I met a Chinese woman married to a Tibetan man. He preferred to stay in the car while his wife came to see me. She mentioned that they are trying to create some business which takes unbelievable patience, but will be beneficial in the future.

I made a Mickey Mouse divination and it came out that it would be difficult for them and it would create a lot of stress and difficulties in their relationship. It would be hard and painful between them. She thought, “Why do it, if brings so much hardship?”

So I suggested that she recite three malas of Hayagriva every day, also she should recite the Celestial Mansion Extremely Secret Sublime Success mantra, three malas a day, as it is a very powerful mantra. It is an extremely secret mantra that brings success.

I told her only reciting mantras doesn’t become Dharma if the motivation is clinging to this life, because if the motivation is nonvirtue, everything becomes nonvirtue. Even though we recite mantras that can bring success, the action becomes nonvirtue if the motivation is only for oneself. I told her to do it with the practice of bodhicitta.

We need to collect merit, to benefit sentient beings, to create good karma, then success will come. Then the action becomes the cause of enlightenment, liberation from samsara; it becomes the cause of happiness for this life and future lives.

If we really want to have success, we should practice kindness every day, day and night, to sentient beings—not only human, but animals also—if we do that, we receive benefit from others, and happiness. This is basically what I mentioned to her.

In reality if we act with kindness to one person or one animal, we receive 100,000 happiness, in this lifetime, if we do good karma with bodhicitta. We have to remember this. Karma is expandable—there are good ones or bad ones, even a small one we experience for 100,000 lifetimes.

I told her when we help others and do it sincerely, we will receive infinite benefits from them. It is very pure Dharma, even if we pray not to receive happiness, definitively we will receive it.

Also from time to time she can do incense puja with Geshe-la; it is a cause for success.