Clean Your Motivation

Clean Your Motivation

Date of Advice:
November 2017
Date Posted:
June 2021

This message was sent to someone who was arranging a lama’s teaching event at a center.

My dear one,
I have been thinking to give you my comments. The very first thing is your motivation for inviting this lama to teach at the center.

You need to clean your motivation; I think you have a big ego regarding this. Your ego seems big, so huge. This is how I feel. You need to totally change and clean this. Your thinking to have so many people attend is not realistic.

Yes, it is good that the lama teaches lamrim. He will show us the training in the path, for Westerners especially, not only the three principal aspects of the path. Anyway his life will be teaching, so it is good, and of course he doesn’t need training; he is just showing us the outside aspect.

You should be happy no matter how many people come to the event. Otherwise, you will get into so many problems with others because of ego, so much garbage. Your motivation has to be pure. This is very important for you and all sentient beings.

For this lama to teach the Lamrim Chenmo is of course most important. It is the most important teaching within the Gelug tradition.

This is what I really need to tell you, to express to you.

One other thing: the bathroom that was used by His Holiness the Dalai Lama is now being used by the geshes. I thought about this when I went to do pipi. I felt so, so uncomfortable. The bathroom is being used by the geshes after His Holiness the Dalai Lama used it. That doesn’t look right.

I’m telling you what I think so that you don’t torture yourself with the wrong motivation. This is what I think.

With much love and prayer ...