Borrowing Money to Start a Hospice

Borrowing Money to Start a Hospice

Date Posted:
May 2011

A student wrote asking for advice about borrowing money to start a hospice.

My most dear Catherine,
Thank you for all your efforts and great benefit to sentient beings. You are benefiting them in many ways, not only with what we think of as peace and happiness now, but much deeper, for them to have peace and happiness even after death, in their future lives, and liberation and enlightenment. Our aim is to benefit beings in many different ways.

Sincerely serving others also makes our lives meaningful, through causing happiness for others. Our goal is not just to stop their worries and give them peace now and nothing for the next life. Our aim is especially to cause happiness in future lives and ultimate happiness: liberation and enlightenment. There are many skilful ways to achieve this aim. Even if the people themselves don’t accept reincarnation, it is still our responsibility, and not only that, we have this great opportunity to help, having received this perfect human rebirth, met the holy Dharma, which is most rare, and met the virtuous friend, who is also most rare.

Regarding your question, according to my observation, it is better to borrow from the people you mention, and run the hospice for twenty or thirty years. The main thing is that we can run the hospice how we like, so that the people can greatly benefit, using many ideas from Buddhism to help people.

In the long run we cannot say even whether we would be able to run the hospice ourselves. Also, it looks difficult to raise the money ourselves at this time. I am very happy that you are doing this project.

With much love and prayers...