Animal Sacrifice in Nepal

Animal Sacrifice in Nepal

Date Posted:
July 2011

Rinpoche gave the following advice to center directors and students regarding animal sacrifice for a Hindu festival in Nepal.

Dear center directors, students and friends,
You might have heard the news about the 500,000 animals that are going to be sacrificed over two days on 24 November (the Gadhimai animal sacrifice festival, which happens every five years in Nepal.)

The Buddha boy wrote to the organizers asking them not to do it, but his request was rejected. It is a big Hindu festival, and now the Buddha boy is thinking to go there and try to stop it. I think unless you have special powers to display, people will not listen. It is a big religion, with not one hundred or one thousand followers, but millions. Now it seems to have become a problem in Nepal, like the problem with shoes and Hindus in Pashupati. Now, probably no matter what the reality is, they will think it is the Buddhists who are making problems.

My observation shows that the Buddha boy won't be able to stop it. Possibly some animal rights organizations might be able to help, but it's not certain. If Western organizations and people like Nobel Peace laureates ask, maybe it could help, but it would need many people.

It came out good to read the Golden Light Sutra one hundred times, so I have asked Kopan gompa to send some monks to read it at the stupa and make strong prayers for the sacrifice not to happen, to dedicate like that, and of course dedicate for world peace.

I would like to request the centers and students to read the Golden Light Sutra and recite the Padmasambhava prayer for removing obstacles and for quick success, for the sacrifice not to happen. This needs to be done quickly as the sacrifice is happening on 24 November.

Please recite any number of the Golden Light Sutra and the Padmasambhava prayer for removing obstacles and for quick success.

With much love and prayers...