Urban Meditation Skills eBook

How to be a Happy Meditator
Ven. Fedor Stracke

Success in meditation is often elusive, even for those of us that have meditated for a long time. It depends a great deal upon the fact that we actually practice meditation, and with a regularity and continuity that cannot be attained through mere discipline alone. We need to have the comfort factor in our practice, and take care that we are a happy meditator.

To be a happy meditator, it is important that over time the meditation becomes an antidote against disturbing thoughts, because only a lessening of disturbing thoughts can produce the inner happiness that one is looking for. The meditation needs to hit the spot. Otherwise our meditation will drive on one side of the highway, and our delusions happily on the other side of the highway in the other direction, leaning out of the windows, waving and jeering at us.

Ven. Fedor has been a Buddhist monk since 1988, and has spent more than ten years at Sera Je Monastic University, India, studying for the esteemed geshe degree, which he is now close to attaining. Ven. Fedor has been teaching in FPMT centers since 1988, and from 1996 has also served as interpreter for various Tibetan geshes.

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