Teachings from 100 Million Mani Retreat 2009 (Audio and Unedited Transcripts)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Institut Vajra Yogini, France (Archive #1783)

Teachings from a Mani retreat held at the Institut Vajra Yogini, France, in May 2009.     

The Benefits of reciting OM MANI PADME HUM

[Rinpoche and the group chant Praise to Shakyamuni and Shakyamuni Buddha’s name mantra.]

Yeah, so good afternoon, everybody. So I think, what I was thinking is that, in football, in soccer, football, when they win, what they do, how they do, when they win, when they are playing soccer, football, so, when they win, when they win the football, how they act. [Sounds of a peacock in the background] So that’s what we should be doing. But this one’s for, this one is for liberation, from samsara, liberation, in order to achieve liberation. Having opportunity to achieve liberation from samsara. Taking the opportunity, we have opportunity, but you see, here, taking the opportunity to achieve liberation from samsara. Even it is for oneself, still you can do like this. It’s extremely worthwhile. You see, you do it, extremely worthwhile. It is extremely worthwhile.

So, here reciting OM MANI PADME HUM, even one, to achieve liberation for oneself, liberation. Not the liberation what people talk in the world, not that one. The real liberation from the samsaric prison, from samsaric prison, from the real samsaric prison, the real prison bound by karma and delusion. To, always, one of the six realms, always bound to that by the karma, by the chain, karma and delusion. And then constantly, and then because of that, constantly die, reborn, die, reborn, and experience all the sufferings of that realm, and die. Then do the same thing over and over, from beginningless rebirth, from beginningless rebirth up to now. So can imagine that? From beginningless rebirth up to now. So...[pause]

In the world, people who win over the external material, external material, money, who win over the short pleasure, temporary pleasure of this life, who win over the temporary pleasure of this life: reputation, some number of people praising to you, or, reputation, or some temporary pleasure of this life, to win over some external material, money or something, you see. So, win over, to win over cause of samsara, you win over a cause of samsara. Another way you can say that, that you win over a cause of samsara, you win over the cause of samsara. Is that okay? I’m not sure. Huh? So you win over some cause of samsara, you win over. That, and some external material you gain, or some comfort, some pleasure, you gain, so ?get cause of samsara, so then, you become, you completely express the with your arms!

So, sometimes when I was watching TV, I was confused. I’m not sure whether the person got angry, or, what it is, because very intense. The face is not peace, very intense. You know, very intense. Here, very intense. Here, very intense. So I wasn’t sure whether it’s angry, or good, or bad, wasn’t sure, angry or. So anyway, so, very expression of, very hard, very solid, you see. There’s no smile, so then I wasn’t sure at the beginning, I was confused there, what the expression is: it’s angry or it’s happy, I’m not sure.

So, anyway, how much a person expresses, you know, so strongly. So here, today, we should be doing, not only a hundred times more than that, even a thousand times more than that, even 100,000 times, we should be doing more, stronger, 100,000 times more, than that. Because that’s just only a cause of samsara, gaining another cause of samsara, just another samsaric pleasure, another samsaric pleasure, which is nothing new, which we experienced numberless times from [the peacock calls out again] even the peacock is responding. Even the peacock says yes, yes, yes.

Anyway, all those pleasures, what people show excitement is nothing, it’s only suffering, it’s only suffering. What they gain is only suffering, and so, that pleasure which is only in nature of suffering: suffering of change, suffering of samsara, the suffering of change, so, another cause of samsara, you see. That which, attachment to that which ties to samsara again, so like that. It doesn’t liberate from samsara, leave aside the enlightenment.

So here, even each OM MANI PADME HUM, each meditation, each prayer become cause of, even if does not become cause of enlightenment, become cause of samsara, sorry, becomes cause of enlightenment. What I’m saying? Even it doesn’t become cause of enlightenment, but it becomes cause to achieve liberation from samsara, okay? To achieve liberation from samsara. Even that is for oneself. Even just that’s amazing. You know, each meditation, each prayer, each OM MANI PADME HUM, even one time OM MANI PADME HUM, becomes cause to achieve liberation from samsara, everlasting happiness.

So anyway, that’s really amazing, really amazing. Without thinking enlightenment, without thinking that you [peacock calls again] one living being, liberate numberless sentient beings who are in the hell realm, Hungry ghost, liberate numberless sentient beings who are in the hell realm from oceans of samsaric suffering, and liberate numberless sentient beings who are in the Hungry ghost realm from oceans of samsaric suffering, and liberate numberless sentient beings who are in the animal realm from oceans of samsaric suffering. Liberate numberless sentient beings who are in the human realm from oceans of samsaric suffering and liberate the numberless suras, asuras, from the oceans of samsaric suffering and liberate numberless intermediate state beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering.

Then that means from the cause, from the karma and delusions, so, and delusions, and the cause of the delusions, the negative imprint. So that’s, without thinking that, without thinking only that, and without thinking to bring numberless of those beings, who are in those realms, to full enlightenment, without thinking that. Just your, each prayer, each meditation, even one time OM MANI PADME HUM, becomes cause of, becomes cause, yourself to be free forever, free from suffering, oceans of samsaric suffering, forever, forever, forever. So that’s just amazing. Just that itself is just amazing.

Then, each of these, what you do, then you see, that, purify even one negative karma, even just one negative karma, can you imagine? So, for example, negative karma of killing. So, for example negative karma of sexual misconduct. Not all the sexual misconduct, not all the negative karma of sexual misconduct done in this life, but just one negative karma, just to be able to purify one negative karma of sexual misconduct. This is an example. Then, there’s negative karma of killing, stealing. Then three negative karmas of body. Four negative karmas of speech: the slandering, and then speaking words which hurt others, and then gossiping, telling lies, so four negative karmas of speech. Then the three negative karmas of mind, ill will, anger, heresy. So, I’m just giving an idea. Even one prayer, or one meditation, or one OM MANI PADME HUM, purify your one negative karma. For example, there are so many negative karmas of sexual misconduct, but just one, purify one.

So that means, you see, you have to understand, what it means is a lot. What it means, you have to remember the karma, what is said by Buddha, what is said in the lam-rim. What Buddha explained in sutra, and what is explained by Lama Tsongkhapa, and quoted in sutra, remember.

So the complete negative karma of one sexual misconduct has four suffering results. Ripening aspect result, rebirth in the lower realms. The first one. So can imagine that. I mean, what I often tell, what I often say that’s, so, I mean just an idea, otherwise, if you don’t think, unless those who have realization of the lower realm sufferings, of course, no question, you see, or those who have been meditating, you have some feeling, unimaginable feeling, then, no question. But, otherwise, it becomes just words, the lower realms, when we talk about their suffering, it just becomes words, no feeling in the heart. No feelings of others’ suffering. Even as compassion, no feeling of their suffering and no feeling, as a result of your karma, no feeling, two things. So if we didn’t meditate or if the mind is not compassionate nature, then there’s no feeling. So, like that, you see.

So, as I often say that, [pause] that all the human beings’, the fire, power of the fire, put together, you see, say, compared to the fire at the end of the world, end of the world where rocky mountains get melted, like when the lava comes, or the liquid oneness with the fire, when the lava comes and those rocks get melted, it’s much, much, so much hotter than, it’s liquid, but, liquid, still there’s liquid but it melts the rocks. You see, you see, I have seen in Hawaii. From the center, there was a center before, so I went from, it’s called Shantideva, it was called Shantideva Center, so maybe existing now, maybe still existing, but there’s no base. Maybe, you can have the label, but without base. I’m joking. So, now the Shantideva Center is in New York. There’s a base, New York.

So, anyway, what I’m saying. So the liquid, but still it melts the rocks, I have seen Hawaii, from the, went from the center to see the lava; it’s unbelievable hot. Even you don’t go very near, there, where she is, where ?Merry is there, so it’s so hot. Very, very hot, so that’s kind of like, so that you see here in the human world. Not everywhere, but certain places.

So, the end of the world fire melts even rocky mountains, so that, six or seven times hotter, then the present human fire.

Now the, one tiny fire spark from hell, one tiny fire spark from hell is six or seven times hotter than the end of the world fire. One tiny fire spark from there is much hotter then the unbelievable blazing fire which melts even rocky mountains, oh, six or seven times hotter, than the, the tiny fire from the hot hell, it’s seven times much more hotter than the blazing, hts, what do you call? Comprehension? No. Huge. So that huge, blazing hot fire at the end of the world that which melts rocky, even the rocky mountains, like that, burns everything. So how hot it is, like that. Even one tiny fire spark. So like this. So the rest, how, most unbearable it is, no need to say, no question, just thinking of that, the result of negative karma. Okay, like this. So, so can you imagine, so therefore, actually being in the hot hell, can you imagine, in the place oneness with the fire, the ground, can imagine.

So, like the ground, the [Tibetan] the whole ground is like swords, swords like this [showing] side, you see, up. Swords, ?over the whole ground. So if we step, it cuts. Until you finish your karma, it’s like that, you know, cuts continuously. So anyway, that is still not the main hell; that’s the branches. There are six or seven secondary hells.

So then cold. Can you imagine, if it’s like that, also cold will be similar.

So it said in the teachings that, compared the hell realms, for example, hot hell sufferings, then it is said that, no matter how hot it is in the human world, unimaginable hot, all the fire in the human world, no matter how hot it is, but compared to the hot hell, it’s like snow fall, it’s like snow falling, cool, snow falling, like air condition. The human fire is like air condition. You know, air condition, when you feel so hot, the cool air passing, so like that. It becomes pleasure compared to the hot suffering of the hells. Compared to that, this become pleasure. No matter how hot it is for human beings, but it’s a pleasure, it’s like cool air or snow falling, so like that, okay.

So just to get an idea. So same thing, similar, cold, most unbearable, even small ice, or something cold, you see, how it is, compared to all the cold in the human realm with all the ice, it’s a comfort, it’s a great comfort, compared to the cold, suffering of the hell realm cold suffering. So great comfort. No matter how cold it is in the human realm, but it’s great comfort, pleasure, become pleasure, compared to the hell cold suffering. So just unimaginable.

So, it is mentioned by Nagarjuna in Jewel Garland, every day one should remember, every day one should remember the hot and cold sufferings of the hell realm. Then, if you do that, then, the human beings’ hot and cold sufferings, their problems, not a problem. It’s nothing, I mean, it’s comfort, it’s nothing for one’s own mind. So then cannot bear, so you can bear, then they cannot disturb your practice; it doesn’t become obstacle for your practice. You’re able to bear the hardships, the hardships, I mean, say, hot and cold in human world. I mean, that’s just an example, but any other rest of the problems, it’s no longer a problem when you think of lower realms, when you think of other realms’ suffering, which is much, much, much, most unbearable. So this becomes pleasure. So it doesn’t bother your mind. So you’re able to continue your practice, you’re able to practice continuously. So like that. So this is what Nagarjuna is saying, like that. Then one is able to achieve realizations, able to have success in this life, the lam-rim, renunciation, bodhicitta, right view, lam-rim, and then the, cause vehicle, then result vehicle, tantra, two stages, so one is able to achieve without taking much time, without taking so many lifetimes, able to have those realizations.

So, however, so like that. So yeah, so trying to finish. So, one negative karma of sexual misconduct, so just one negative karma, that complete negative karma has four suffering results. So first one is ripening aspect result, lower realm, okay. So, how, you know, so even a minute because so unbearable, so even a minute, even a minute to suffer is like eons, so most unbearable. Even it’s a minute, but you know, for the mind so unbearable.

For example, when we rush, when we’re very busy, when we rush, you need to get there on time, so then, even though it’s very short time, even though it takes five minutes, but it looks like it takes ten minutes, because you’re in a rush to arrive that time, you see, very quickly. But then, even other times, when you’re not busy, other times, it’s short. But then when you’re very busy, you see, need to arrive there very quickly then, even though it’s the same time, but for your mind, it looks very long. Do you understand what I’m saying? Huh? I experience like that. So anyway, so, I experience like that many times. So anyway, like that.

So, you see, even one minute so unbearable, so even one minute is like suffering eons, unbelievable, so, because so unbearable. So like that. So can you imagine? Can you imagine, like hour, can you imagine? That’s most unbearable. Even a human being’s one hour, I’m talking about.

So therefore, can you imagine, you are free from that one negative karma, result, there are four sufferings results, but you’re free from one, that rebirth in the lower realms. Can you imagine? Free. You don’t have to suffer.

The length of life, the first hot hell, Being Alive Again and Again, according to human beings, approximately six ter bum, and two great ter bum, and one great trag trig. Something like that, anyway, say, but, I think I have written but the numbers, my memory is not very good, so I always get mixed up. One great trag trig, two great, yes, that’s right, not six great, not six ter bum, that I made a mistake. Six trag trig. Six trag trig, length of life, six trag trig, okay. And then the, six trag trig, and then, [pause] put it this way. I will repeat again. I will repeat over. You don’t count the previous one, okay. Cancel it, or erase it with a duster. Okay.

So anyway, one great trag trig relating to human year, one great trag trig, and six trag trig, okay. Then the two great ter bum. That’s what it is. Two great ter bum. So that’s it.

So, anyway, so, 100 thousand, so one hundred million human years, you see, like that, ten times, is called one ter bum. That’s called one ter bum. And, so ten ter bum is called one great ter bum. So ten times a great ter bum is one trag trig. Ten trag trig is one great trag trig. So like that. Ten trag trig is a great trag trig, okay, so like that. [pause] I’ve forgotten the name, after that. Ten great trag trig is called something, but I’ve forgotten now.

So, Being Alive Again and Again, the very first hot hell, their length of life, say, one great trag trig and six great, sorry, one great trag trig  and six trag trig, then two great ter bum, like that. So now you get, I went already through, you see. So, ten times 100 million years, that is one ter bum, and ten ter bum is a great ter bum, one great ter bum, okay. So, two great ter bum, and then the one great trag trig, then six trag trig; one great trag trig and six trag trig, so that’s the length of life of the first hot hell, Being Alive Again and Again, okay.

Then, next, hell realm is Black Line, then double, the life is double, longer. So goes on. Similar, the suffering is heavier, double, how the experience of the hot suffering there becomes double than the first one. So everything becomes unimaginable, double, triple, like that.

So therefore, so can you imagine, so that is the length of life of the first hot hell, Being Alive Again and Again. So can you imagine that, to be free, you don’t have to be reborn in the lower realms, the ripening aspect result of that sexual misconduct, that one negative karma of sexual misconduct, four suffering results, okay, the ripening aspect result: rebirth in the lower realm, in the hell realm, you don’t have to suffer. It’s amazing.

So, you see, I told you, this one, that soccer player, all the people who are in the Olympics, nothing, that’s nothing. It is nothing. This is for some reputation. Some reputation. I don’t know, some years, some months, some weeks, some days, that’s it, just, then, of course, they ?will ?be ?known many other people. Anyway, so anyway, that’s nothing. So this, can you imagine? Just this one. If you think well, if you really think well, your achievement, your achievement, if you really think well, think deep, it’s really amazing. What it means, free from the lower, free from the, this result of one negative karma, even a negative karma, you see, many sexual misconduct, but just one. And free from, that has four, that complete negative karma has four suffering results, just free, you don’t have to suffer, you don’t have to be born in lower realms, that one. Can you imagine, what that is, what it means to you, just most amazing. That’s something you can breathe, when you think of this. You don’t have to experience, something it makes you, can breathe. I mean, you know, some heavy problem, you can’t breathe, you know some very heavy problem, you know, then it’s gone. Now you don’t have, [pause] like something, you did something wrong, and then you’re going to be executed or something, you see, for example, or lose everything, or something, you see, so now that’s not going to happen. Oh, then now you can breathe, you see.

Now here, that is nothing, but here, free from the lower realm suffering, even just this from one negative karma. There’s so many negative karma of, with body, speech, and mind done, [the peacock calls], I think she, alle, so anyway, can you imagine, wow, with the body, speech, and mind, can imagine, every day, so many, unbelievable, twenty-four hours full.

But now here, I’m talking one negative karma, in this life, this is from this life, one negative karma, result of that. You see, which has four suffering results, rebirth in the lower realm, free, from that one negative karma. You don’t have to experience. Can imagine? That is just amazing.

So what I’m saying is, one OM MANI PADME HUM, one time, or one prayer or meditation that you will do here, purify, so I’m saying. If you really think well, it’s just amazing.