Questions and Answers (Audio and Unedited Transcript)

By Lama Thubten Yeshe
Melbourne, Australia, 1975 (Archive #329 008)

An audio recording and unedited transcript of a teaching given by Lama Yeshe at a five-day meditation retreat in Australia in 1975. The edited version of this talk has been published as Chapter Five in the book Ego, Attachment and Liberation.

Lama Yeshe teaching at Lake Arrowhead, California, in 1975. Photo: Carol Royce-Wilder.

Questions come automatically, when you investigate. But when the question come, instead of coming question is sort of interpreted negative, “Oh, I’m coming question, question, question,” think, “It is so lucky, so long time I have no question, although the attachment, ego, the two department completely control me. Once I try control and understand the uncontrol nature of internal world, and, I mean, question coming is so worthwhile.” Instead of question coming, thinking negative, think, “It’s so good, it’s so good.” When you questioning, question brings answer, that time question becomes wisdom; question produce understanding knowledge wisdom. Sometimes our funny mind, we think “Oh, so many questions, normal my life is, I have no question, I’m happy. Lama talk too much words, I am confused, I have so much question. Lama making questions, sort of.” Possible, possible. That happen, that’s possible, yes. When you looking superficial view, of the wrong interpretation, you have no question. But then when you realize false conception and projection, that time real serious question come. It is so worthwhile.

You see, in the West, if there is some question and suddenly have to answer, every your question is, you ring up telephone, somebody is answer for you, sort of. (?) (Lama laughs) Middle of night, “Oh, I have this kind of mind, what is that?” This question, what is…almost there is, isn’t it? I’m sure…hmmm…what do you call that, that man? Some man is always is there is waiting, the answer, isn’t it. There is, in Australia? There is. That’s right. In New York there is one man, all time they waiting something. Oh, so funny, I listening that! Incredible! How he answer is so silly (laughter). Completely, for me is, new culture, completely—way of asking and one who answer; so funny for me! But I enjoy very much (Lama laughs). Enjoy very much.

I remember, even question, some question and answer also I remember. Long time I’m checking, “What kind of mind, that?” So, anyway, OK, so therefore, actually, this time, I should see privately, personal contact, these things, but such number of people, many people, to see one day, everything is very difficult personally, but I think, perhaps, maybe before I talk, if you have some difficult, sort of strong question coming, sort of like nail, pushing here, sort of agitated, you can give now, you can give. It’s very simple. Yes. OK. please give question, if you have.

Q. I find it very difficult to concentrate on only one thing, all these distractions, either from inside on from outside, it’s difficult to ignore it, to keep the concentration up.

L. First of all, the, what kind of distraction?

Q. Well, it may be a noise, or a dog barking or something; always it’s so easy to be distracted, and I don’t know how to concentrate, how to ignore these things.

L. Yes, right, I think I told that answer already. Instead of force, instead of force, whatever thought comes, either dog barking, either your old experience, or whatever come, instead of negative, just watching how thought coming, how go. So simple. When you really watching by the wisdom, the thought itself disappears. Never stay like that. Thought is like, when you’re not watching by wisdom, it is coming; when you watching, disappears. So when the disappear, automatically comes one-pointedness again object. Or, when the thought comes, what feel? Instead of thought outside looking, what you feel, feeling? Still, you’re concentrated on feeling. When the sense object is coming through, instead of “Oh, what is that?” paying attention, pay more attention what you feel. As science say, sense perception how registered in brain or conscious, remember? That is?how registered, how interpreted and how feel. Thank you.

Q. …slowly be holding your breath for a period of time,15 seconds, and concentrating on the breath. Do you extend that period?

L. Holding, holding? (Yes.) Same time you concentration? (Yes, do you extend that period?) Yes, as much as possible, you extend. First time breath is difficult control, but when you do long exercise, this, and you control, you control more here.

Q. Do you, also hold after you’re exhaled? You hold the air in, do you also hold the air out, at the other stage?

L. Not too much, not too much; that natural sending, but sending completely. Natural, slow, completely. When the out completely, you bring naturally, slowly, gentle, completely—with concentration. If you have, with concentration, approach this way, the nervous system and the mind automatically relax. Quiet, calm. If…the, even sometimes when you have strong concentration, almost you feel, “I don’t think so, I have breath now, movement”; you feel. That’s the experience. It takes time, of course, to reach that stage. But when you have fantastic concentration, almost this breath movement not sounds, you check up. Even new people, I can hear, new people, when they first time meditate, “Oooohh” [noisy breathy sigh] (Lama laughs). I know that, they breathe like that, and much noise, even breath. But when they do meditate, they much more quieter, quieter, quieter, quieter. Even this movement energy is quiet, peaceful. So, it’s very useful, and especially, such like, we stay in such society and working and this kind of things, and, very simple things: wherever you have been, you just concentrate. Even you are restaurant, or you are working with people, you concentrate. And you don’t need special [object of] concentration; your breath movement and sensation. Even you working time, you working and you concentrate. It really helpful for integrate.

Q. I am distracted more at times by shapes rather than questions. Are these shapes just another distraction or…I find I like watch them?

L. What do you mean? Shape means what? What kind of shape? Round shape or square or…

Q. Spiral, more like a spiral; round shapes.

L. Round shape is coming in the mind? (Looks like cotton wool.) Ha, ha, ha, ha; object coming in the mind? (Different colors.) It’s coming in the mind? (Is that just a distraction?) If your mind is still on feeling and at same time this impression coming, that not distraction. Impression comes, but the same time, simultaneously, same time, mind is on feeling; stay on the feeling; that is not distraction. Even sometimes possible, you feel, and different sense, you feel the movement vibrations, but you are still on feeling rather than outside object; not necessarily distracted. But the mind is object away from the feeling, then that time is distracted. And going on this, square, paying attention there, the paying attention, then really distracted. Yes. But when you concentrating, sometimes sort of impression coming, that’s not necessarily distracted. Mmm Hmm? OK.

Q. I notice when I meditate if the meditation goes well and I don’t get too distracted for long periods than I get quite pleased with myself, but then I get guilt feelings for about being pleased with myself. I think this is just my ego.

L. Oh, that’s, I agree, right, that’s right, I agree, (Lama laughs) yes, that’s good answer, good answer, yes, that’s ego, yes, that’s right. But, same time, I think, sort of, your good meditation is I think, if you dedicate, “This is for others,” then not coming ego. So, before the meditation, you dedicate, “What I’m doing, meditation, this concentration, these things, not really concerned, obsessed, my own problem. I don’t pushing for that purpose. Beneficial my life to others, and dedicating, and if I become happy and enjoy, rather than silly, and automatically this, my good behavior, positive behavior, is giving good vibrations to these living beings. This is I giving, this is my donation, this is my charity.” Charity, you giving your girlfriend, giving charity, giving good behavior, rather than selfishness behavior, and really, that is worthwhile. That’s all helping, you helping other sentient beings. No proud; you want as much possible to give good environment, visualization to others. By being, you improving, become, you own become good example. Yes, I think, that way if you dedicate, no ego proud, there’s no place for ego. Good. That’s very necessary; very, very necessary. Remember, beginning meditation course, this meditation course, I say, just five days, do not expect from Lama, Lama giving big realization to you. What Lama said, “What happen this meditation, I don’t care. The five days, my life is, rather than selfish, I want give for other sentient beings. By recognize, countless lives I have been such so selfish action.” And that way, no matter what Lama talk, no matter what you happening, during the meditation course, all your action is becomes so powerfully effective, becomes positive. So, therefore, seeing, meditation becomes positive or negative is comes from your own mind. OK, very good. I just telling, it’s not precisely for him, answer, OK, very good. Then? Some questions?

Q. If I enjoy something, like food or music, is that the same thing as being attached to it? Is that attachment?

L. How you think? Check up.

Q. Well, how do I stop, being attached, if I’m attached, say, to food? Do I try not to enjoy the food? So I’m not attached anymore?

L. By knowing how the function of attachment, how grasping more than you need, by knowing that, then you can stop. It’s a natural thing. Not sort of radically say “pha,” you stop like that, change. By knowing, that’s natural things. Then you attachment food is to change detach, is so natural; is the mind; it expression of mind; not the amount you taking, something like that; the mind. So you have to know, that’s all. And also, music listening; music listening is not necessarily totally negative. Depend your own mind. And if you know, when time that you listening to music, you know which cause, music produce, and when the music comes through the your sense and registered in your mind, and how attachment clinging, that also, instead of become negative, becomes checking meditation, listening music is. It becomes wisdom, possible.

Q. Clinging is like wanting more, being greedy for more?

L. Yes, greeding attachment, yes, function of attachment.

Q. But if you just say hear the music, and you think, this is good, nice, then it’s not the same as clinging?

L. Different, yes. It’s different. That I saying, the, you know the basic nature, how the music comes, who produce, which kind of mind produce music, and how the interesting comes. If you know total the nature of the music, then no attachment, impossible. Because so much we clinging, we want more, more, more, more, not knowing what really the true nature of music, you don’t know; therefore, craving for the music. If you know, “Oh, there, there; not there, not there,” and not terrible missing. Same thing, desire object. When the desire object, you clinging to the desire object…also same thing. If you know the nature of desire object and the subject, your own mind, attachment, how they work, functioning, itself disappears. But not knowing, and then attachment makes you suffering and miserable. OK? Clear? Very good. Yes?

Q. If you create bad karma you come back and reborn as a lesser being, how can you check up on this really? Believing just what’s told, although we are told to check up.

L. It not necessarily believe. I think through your own experience you can see the possibility, the form of, having this kind of human form, the mind is worse than animal, you understand? And a life spend, action worse than an animal; worse than dog and bird, and tiger. And reaction is can born like animal. That’s all. So therefore, it is not necessarily to believe. It the experience. If you act the mind is like animal, and animal mind brings reaction, animal mind. So becomes, mind animal is enough. Yes, very good, then?

Q. From what you said then, checking up on animal forms and coming back as a lower being, and you imply to check around and see that some people have animal minds, does this necessarily imply that they will come back in an animal body, if you create enough bad karma?

L. No, it’s not necessarily, not necessarily animal body, like…anyway reaction is, even his body is like man, human being, but mind is, action is totally animal. Same thing, isn’t is. Same thing. But also, possible, animal body too. Possible. Both possible. Yes?

Q. To survive in this sort of Western civilization, we have to have money to be able to buy food and clothes and things like that, it means that we have to go out and get into some form of virtually suffering to go out to earn that money…(laughter)…in Australia…you buy it for yourself and your loved ones and yourself, and things like that. Could you give some words on that?

L. Ya, ya, ya, no, I understand, yes I understand. So, so, the, such…(voluntarily suffering)...yes, that’s right, such Western way of living life, you have to, order to preserve your life, you have to work, to earn money, those things, those things. Instead of craving money, instead of concerning money, something like that, and you, wherever you work, instead of, concerned material…anyway, you working money, is somebody else work, isn’t it, don’t you? So, whatever you working for somebody else, and with the sincerity, to giving your life chance for him, or whatever boss, or whatever, sentient being. Example, like somebody is working for company or government or something like that, and it is for other human beings. So instead of thinking, “I want money, therefore I work,” only that, logical, and think about, to others working. So therefore, dedicate your work is for others. And also, such precious human body to preserve, using intelligent, and, “I need to keep this body, renting [rented] body”; our body is like renting a house—this house is we rent, isn’t it, this rent? So, the same thing, our body is renting house, therefore you have to preserve, to be able intelligent using, inner grow. So therefore, is not necessarily only attachment reason you work, and can be very highly respectable aim and with pure motivation you can work for society or other sentient beings. Sure, possible. That’s possible. So, therefore is not necessarily negative, not necessarily, you working earning money, and those things, not necessarily negative…if you are wise (laughter). OK. The most important is dedicating, what you’re doing is for others, and that is so important. Not just dedicating emotionally, “Oh, I’m such and such, Lama’s Buddhism trip,” not like that. By recognizing, by recognizing, the attachment is the root of problem since you born up to now. By recognizing, by experiencing, so worthwhile. Therefore, the Mahayana Buddhism so much emphasizes bodhicitta, the pure thought; so much complaining attachment—in Mahayana scripture, books—so much complaining, you understand, explaining how attachment is biggest problems. So much explain psychologically. I can’t explain five days for you. But you have to know, that is, contained such a wonderful psychological aspect teaching.

Q. I’m not quite sure if there is in Buddhism a superior being above the Buddha at all. Is there any recognition of any higher force than the Buddha?

L. (in answer to Nick) He means a philosophical interpretation? I see. No. (laughter) So, so yes, that’s good question. There nothing higher Buddha, there’s nothing higher than Buddha existent anywhere. Why? You have to know “Buddha.” Buddha doesn’t mean wear yellow robe, sitting, having begging bowl, holding begging bowl. Buddha means mind completely reach beyond dualistic mind, reach beyond attachment. That nature is we call “Buddha.” Therefore, Buddha is not color, not form, nothing soever to do with material substantiality. Characteristic nature is totally psychic, characteristic nature is totally universal the knowledge wisdom. That we call Buddha. So, when you reach that level, you are Buddha. You are completely same thing, level or higher, as Buddha. There is no differentiation. Clear, your question? Very good, Yes. Then?

Q. If you do a good action, but you’re not sure if you’re doing it for others or maybe if your ego says, “I’m doing if for me, aren’t I good.” If you’re not sure which you’re doing, it for, is that action bad karma? Does that create bad karma?

L. If you not sure you doing things, why do? Better don’t do. First of all, Lama going say, if you not sure what you doing, better don’t act, don’t do. Yes, you be wise. Before you do action, before you do any action, check up. Example, before you want something, you want give one fruit to others, make sure to giving fruit is ego trip charity, or really you know this is necessary on the object, this needed, “and I can give this without miser,” you check up, then you give, then you do. But if you not clear, better don’t do. Otherwise, you try to give, say, “Oh, here is charity, OK,” and hours later, “Oh, I mistake; now I end up with nothingness; I’m very sorry, I’m guilty, I’m giving my own only my one apple fruit is I giving to him, such, such, such”. Oh, that is not right. That’s all. Clear?

Q. You must be sure before you do actions?

L. Yes, that is so necessary.

Q. And if you do the action and then later on you think, “Ah, aren’t I good for doing that action,” then that’s just ego, that’s negative.

L. That’s right; if it’s too much emphasize, “Oh, I’m so good,” that’s overestimating. But you can see, “Oh, I think it’s worthwhile.” Not too much like that coming. When you check up, that worthwhile to purify my miserliness, you understand what I mean? This process is to purify my miserliness, it’s working, it’s working. Oh, knowing, then worthwhile. Good. Yes?

Q. When you’ve had your head chakras opened up, does that give you exceptional body…(Pardon?) You know your head chakra? (Head chakra, ya.) When it’s opened up, what does it bring?

L. Yeah, that’s true thing. If you opens head chakra and wanting advantage others, and you have chance make your own things, you just be lazy and can’t do, and then using all the time, head chakra, using, that is selfish. You mean that one?

Q. No, I mean when you open your head chakra, does it give you any, what sort of powers does it bring.

(Nick to Lama: When, through meditation, when you open the head chakra, what power does it bring.)

L. The head chakra, open?! (laughter). Oh, head chakra, not this one? Oh, c’mon. You too much. What do you say? You tell me again, yes.

Q. Well, why I’m asking, I was wondering, when you get to Buddha nature, does it open up your head chakra? And if it does so, what happens then? Do you get sort of clairvoyant abilities, things like this?

L. What do you mean, to open head chakra?

Q. Like all the chakras are functioning and all the things are turning around, like a wheel.

L. Yes, all right. (laughter) Yes? Then what?

Q. Well, that’s what I’m asking you, then what? What happens next, how does it affect your life? (laughter)

L. Yes, yes, yes, I understand. If your realization, the opening of head chakra or raising kundalini or whatever you call, words, if you approach, wise wisdom, wise method, perfect method, kundalini arise. Your inner nervous system negative aspect energy is transmitted into blissful wisdom energy. Instead of you are blocked inside, stucking, your head chakra, sort of door opened for the wisdom; receptor, making receptor. These kinds of things happen. But I think if you are not wise, I think your doing things are sometimes dangerous. Danger. Very danger. Mahayana Buddhism, we explain kundalini these things, but this is certain levels you reach, and then using this kind of. If you have the lower desire, sense desire, too much sense desire occupied and doing, you using this kind of method for sense pleasure, attachment, ego trip, sort of again using those kind of, and instead of effective positive way, it can be effective negative way. Possible. Therefore, you be careful. OK? What you are saying. You be careful what you are saying. Oh, good. Mmm Hmm. Yes, thank you?

Q. Sometimes it seems to me that whatever happens to me externally, that people I meet or the things that happen to me, or the objects that I am in contact with, that they are in direct correspondence to what my mind is like inside. Would that mean that if my mind were different at the time, that there would be different things happening to me outside? What is illusion in it?

L. What is illusion? Yes, yes. Illusion is individuality, your vision, individual your mind interpretation vision; that is illusion.

Q. Then, if I change my mind, then different things will happen to it?

L. Yes, right, yes. When the mind changing, perception, the projected polluted character changes, seeing right view. Possible. Yes. good. Very good. Thank you. Then?

Q. Do those people that are reincarnated in animal form, do they have any choice in the matter?

L. They have no choice. You mean, they choice? Impossible, they choice. Remember, two department—so much I emphasize, remember: attachment department and ego department—this association pushing, therefore no free, even we are now, we are human beings, so powerful, precious human body: look at our own mind—almost, no free isn’t it? You check up all the your life, what is, what’s happened. All this, since you born up to now, you still with this kind of environment, then changing this kind of environment, you stay. You check up: that really your intellectual choose this or…it’s amazing. Such things happen without my mind is freely choosing. That is, we think karma. Perhaps you come here today for meditation course. You think you choose something; perhaps it’s not choose; it’s karmic force energy is brings you here; rather than just happen something. It’s not true. You check up. There is everything has reasoning. Wherever you go, there is reasoning.

Q. Surely, it is true that the more you progress in evolution, the less chance there is to be reborn an animal?

L. Yes, yes, that’s right. Very true. There is no space, there is no reason. Like even you have now, even we have now such, sort of karmic formation in the mind, when you progressing, developing evolutionary, positive, the negative aspect impression becomes like burn. When the rice is burn, not anymore power to put in ground, to grow, isn’t it. Like that. So even you have negativity, such karma impression in the mind, when the energy progressing, this automatically is burn. No more can react. That’s right. Very good, yes, uh huh. So same thing, it’s working, same thing, positive, when the positive is increasing, control mind is increasing, the wisdom is increasing, automatically the negative aspect force energy, or two department, when you recognize this, more powerfully understand, totally sort of understand, automatically this increasing. And, or, perhaps this is too strong, this animal not functioning, no more can react. Also karmic is goes like that.

(Nick to Lama: she thinks that when one reaches human level, then it is not possible to go back to animal realm.)

L. So, I talk that. That’s possible. Even we reach body human being, mind animal, so possible, possible. You check up some time; sometimes human beings are more miserable, more suffering, human mind is more suffering than birds, isn’t it, some particular birds. First of all, you agree or not? (Yes.) So! Therefore, you can see, the human mind is so valuable because human body is so nice and impossible mind cannot go back such horrible body? Sure. Possible. I say this possible. OK?

Q. I don’t agree with that (laughter).

L. Yes, you tell me, more, how. You understand or you don’t understand.

Q. Yes, I understand but I don’t agree with you when you say you can be reincarnated in an animal body once you have reached human level.

L. Why? Why you think?

Q. Because once you reach human level you have evolved beyond the animal form, and can’t go back (something like that)

L. Then why some human being are more miserable than animal? Why? Why worse? Why some human beings are more worse mind than animal? Why?

Q. Because it is a lesson they have to learn in this life time. (Student 2: and because they have intellect as well (Yes, that’s right), and they would learn from that).

L. Therefore, it’s anyway, it’s intellect or whatever they have, anyway is worse isn’t it? Is worse, so therefore he can be outside human form but inside can be worse than animal mind. So what different, what different? He physically something different, but mind is more miserable and same thing as dog.

Q. But if you have a mind to be aware of these things, there would be no point in learning the lessons you’d set out to learn…by experiencing being miserable and suffering? (Repeat please) Well, if it’s truth that…if you say that some human beings are very, very miserable, and….

L. …Yes, more worse, they’re mentally more worse than animal. So therefore, I saying is, you cannot say, “Oh, human beings are so highly developed, cannot go back.” It’s the mind, it’s the mind, I telling, it’s not telling body higher. Then what different, body is this kind of body, but function, everything is like animal action, then what different?

Q. Yes, but she’s saying that you don’t get to be happy until you’ve some gone through form of miserable suffering; till you understand suffering, you can’t go on to learn more and higher sort of things. And so you have to start somewhere in the human kingdom, so it’s more logical you’re going to start suffering and have a miserable incarnation, and slowly work up to a higher, more fuller realization, in a better incarnation, than it is to be just thrown out because you couldn’t work it out because you didn’t have the wisdom, because you were in a rotten vehicle (laughter).

(Nick to Lama: When you finish being an animal, he’s always getting higher and higher. When you finish being an animal, first time you’re human and you have bad condition, then second time you’re human, a little bit better, third time human, a little bit better. So the humans we see suffering with bad mind, this maybe their first experience…

L. That how you prove? That still question; how you prove always life better, better? You start, as science say, always better, better, better, better. It not necessarily you become better, better. Perhaps you start, when you born you are nice, OK, and then you grow, grow, grow, you are worse, worse, worse, worse. (No.) Yes! Science says, you think exactly science evolutionary, science evolutionary is always best, best, best, best, best, best, best. Never think they come down back! They don’t believe that way. That is they have checking as matter. (No, I’m not saying that.) Oh, then what?

Q. I’m saying sometimes you may waste a reincarnation because (?) and the wrong path (?) there are degrees…but you may remain on the same level. (N: If you waste a life, it doesn’t mean you go back, maybe next time you just stay at the same level. (Same levels as what?)) As you were when you came in.

L. Oh, you can stay, you are exactly ten levels, ten years level? (Yes.) How? How stay? Even one hour’s, your own experience, one hour, your mind is cannot give same levels. How can years you can keep same level? Impossible. That is wrong conception, thinking permanent and unchangeable.

Q. No, what I was saying is that you came, for example, into this lifetime to learn a certain lesson, or lessons, and you have a small amount of free will to choose, so you use this life and you can choose the wrong path, unwittingly or being fully aware of things, then obviously you have not learnt the lesson that you came to learn in this lifetime. So that next time around you will have to go through the whole trip again. (Nick to Lama: She’s saying, maybe somebody takes a certain human life which has certain problems and the person does not handle problems in the right way, if he doesn’t learn from that problem, then he will not go down, but he will again come back with the same problem until he handles the problem in the right way. L: But that doesn’t mean that he stay there, that’s all. N: But that’s what she says.)

L. That doesn’t mean, what you are saying is, I understand, but that doesn’t mean he stays same level. How you prove that? That I saying is impossible to stay at same levels as ten years…what is, you means nose ten levels stay, or ten years nose is, before nose is stay as, this nose is stay as ten years nose, or what you saying? Physically there no existent, mentally no existent something, you are same thing as ten years ago, without changing.

Q. No, but if you came into this life with the specific task of learning a specific lesson, and you avoided that lesson, perhaps learn wisdom and suffering, and you avoided learning that lesson, deliberately, then surely you would have to learn it the next life time, because that is in the line of evolution.

L. Yes, I agree that, that is part of you’re saying is, I accept is possible, possible. But the mind such reaction brings develop worse, worse, worse, worse mind. You’re saying it’s always progressing, like this, always going this way: I say is can possible worse, worse, worse, worse, worse, worse mind. Possible that too, I saying, that’s all. OK.

Q. I’m another one who does not agree with you, but I don’t want to question you on that part. Supposing with your philosophy, your teachings, that you can be born back into an animal body, when is the lesson appreciated by the mind of having been born into that body? While the mind is in the body of an animal, do you only have the attributes of that animal, or do you still have the thinking ability of a human mind as well? Or is it after that animal body dies that you then look at what you learned out of that animal lifetime? And then when do you get the wisdom from being born an animal, in an animal body? During that lifetime you were it or after it?

L. Somewhere, some have completely ignore by the condition of body. Some birds has telepathic, eagle bird has telepathic; so such long times away, there is dead body and meat is they can see, which is the human cannot see. That doesn’t mean they are intelligent, wisdom. Ridiculous, OK? (Not quite) (Nick to Lama: He says, if you’re born as an animal, can you realize at that time that it’s a bad state of existence, or only humans can do that?) Yes, that is I said possible, yeah, it is possible, but even he realize, short time, flash light, he realize, his karmic is sticking already there, and till that energy, result finished he has live there, with that condition body. Before the karmic result coming, you can change totally. But when the come already, example, you are now sticking in this your body, you cannot separate until that result is finished. Even though you so much intellect, it is very difficult.

Q. What about the separation that people achieve with things as astral traveling, which people can do and it can be verified…?

L. Yeah, with control, developing wisdom is controlled, developed in such higher way, against karmic negative force energy, you are free from that, so you can travel astral, sure.

Q. Just one last question. The words, karma, kurma and manas, are they part of the, can you explain?

L. Karma is, I say, if I translate into English, cause and effect. (My understanding was that kurma was the law of cause and effect and the two within the law of kurma, there was the word karma and the word manas…I think they’re Sanskrit. Is that in Buddha’s teachings as well?) I think, we have words, but I think words is not important. We learning real how the evolutionary inner matter and outer matter, how is running, how reacting. That is, if you know, that is karma. Otherwise, if you know so many words but you don’t know reality, how really running, actually: is so important? (No.) No, I don’t think so (laughter). Yes?

Q. Is it that karma is the broad thing that grants all our wishes, except that the trouble is that the wishes have to be wise otherwise, because of all the other things that come with the wish; or have no wish at all.

L. That’s right, agree. I think I agree. That’s right. Yes. As much possible be wise and try recognize, that’s all. And other one is without effort so much developed, coming, coming, coming. That’s right. True. The force energy is automatically coming, coming, coming. The two departments is coming automatically, you don’t need to pushing to come out! Because so much developed and so much collection other two. Energy is so much collecting, ages, ages, years, years, OK? Then? Yes.

Q. When a bodhisattva is reincarnated with the purpose of enlightening other sentient beings, is he able to chose the form in which he’s…

L. …He can choose, yes. Higher bodhisattva, he choose, whatever he want, what kind of life. Whatever?he check up?which way beneficial. He choose Eastern body or Western body, female body or male body, he choose. Nothing is purpose for himself, only purpose to help others. Yes. Then, yes?

Q. In our daily checking meditation we discover a negative thought or become aware of a negative thought in our mind and the negative energy which is produced by that negative thought, what can we do with the negative energy? Do we redirect it, or throw it out of our mind, or, what do we do with it?

L. If the negative mind is, energy is only mental levels, by recognizing, they disappear, they release. But that energy mind is manifested physical levels, perhaps you using method, sort of transmitted that joyful energy. That’s good.

Q. What kind of methods do you use?

L. Like, simple example, this time I talk about, remember, the breathing exercise, the energy is brings down, and lower muscles are tight, meeting energy, two energy meeting below at the navel, and bring up that energy. And that energy is, yeah, treatment, that energy is treatment with concentration. It is automatic, when you do this way, there is some, the blissful, physical sensation, it automatically come. When that energy come, you unified as much possible with the concentration, on that feeling. And then automatically that energy is, transmitted energy, becomes wisdom, understanding wisdom, rather than ignorant and negative. So, simple way, you can do that way; simple method. Actually, there are many different ways, methods. Some questions?

Q. What can one do in order not to fall asleep during meditation? Is it one of the five mental hindrances? (L: That’s right, yes, agree). (?)…you come out and you realize you’ve been asleep for all that time.

L. Remember, one process is, when the sluggish, you have to know beginning. Sleep is not come sort of obviously, something like that. We know, we always think it is coming like that. If you are wise, be conscious, before the sleeping, before the sleeping, this is mind maybe, now like that, is sort of little bit light. Before the sleeping there is fogging darkness impression comes like that. Then that more dark, more dark, more dark, more dark, more dark, more dark. Sense perception goes, more, sort of, disappear. In other words, disappear. The gross levels sense perception. Then that time sleep, OK? You understand, how the sleep comes? Sleep not come like that, POOM, like that. We think POOM because we are unconscious. If we check up, wisely, it’s coming slow. First time is sluggishness, we call sluggishness: little bit darkness impression. When beginning coming that, with your conscious, sort of, the object is make more bright, more clear; then the fogging is disappears. Then there’s no possible to coming sleep. Therefore, remember, when the sluggishness coming, I say visualize light. When you visualize light, clear light, strong light, impossible you can sleep. Even, simple example, you want deep sleep, you switch light off, and then you sleep. And light is too bright, you cannot sleep. Remember, just simple way. The same thing in the mind. OK, I think that’s all. Then?

Q. Earlier this morning, I was meditating very well, and at the end, my thinking was very sharp, very blissful. But then my pulse started getting stronger, it got very strong. And then I was starting to get apprehensive. And then it sort of faded away. Could you explain it?

L. That is possible. If you have strong concentration and sometimes you’re shocked; and strong concentration, then concentration, then when you coming out you should come slow out, when you stop. With concentration so deep, and you just sort of shocked way wake up, and then heart going beat.

Q. This was while I was concentrating. (L: While you concentrating, and then heart is beating?) Yeah, I became more and more aware of my heart and my pulse.

L. That’s OK, that’s good; if you aware your heart is how to work and your sensation is how to work, movement is you be aware, that’s good. That’s good.

Q. But my heart was beating faster and faster, more and more quickly.

L. I think, you check up, make sure, it’s really heart beating quicker, quicker, quicker, or maybe mind hallucinating. Make sure. And sometimes, long time you ignore, suddenly you feel your heart is beating. Then suddenly you feel too much beating, overestimate sort of. Because before you ignore. It’s possible. So therefore, it can be that, many things.

Q. If one died and went to the pure land, would you have to come back incarnated? Would you have to come back to earth?

L. Depend, that your choice. If you want stay there without coming, with selfish mind, you stay there. If you are concerned others you come back down.

Q. Could one reach the pure land with selfish mind?

L. Selfish mind? (Yes.) Possible, possible, possible, yes. Is not really, you see, selfish mind is, we think only one. Selfish mind has degrees, gross levels, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny; so therefore, nine stage different; we calculate like that, perhaps, we divide them in two: gross levels: bigger selfish; then middle selfish, and then small selfish. Then we divide like that here: the bigger selfish has bigger, bigger, bigger-middle, bigger-small. And then other one has middle-big, middle-middle, middle-small; and the small one is we call :small-big, small-middle, small-small (laughter). Yes, that’s true. We have this way of checking. Yes. So therefore, when you cut, when you purify that, first you purify the gross levels, gross levels. Then going [down, down], then subtle levels. So, to be able to subtle levels selfish mind purify, takes time. Sure. Example, when you are so happy, so involved in, so enjoy, your enjoyment make unaware other sentient beings’ suffering. Sort of like, example, arhat, terminology Buddhist called, there is arhat…you heard arhat, something? Before you hear arhat? You heard words, arhat? You didn’t heard…one who reach, one who so much concerned their own problem, ego problem, and he concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, finally he reach perfect concentration and he sees the reality, inner nature, and he discover everlastingly peaceful point, and he’s so happy, just like long time he waiting, one time he get such chocolate, everlastingly joyful, he want to stay there for ever, with concentrate. Oh, that is also, you understand what I mean, and forget other sentient beings. It’s the power of the mind also, that also. Good. I think understand; very simple.

Seven thirty already? (Yes.) I see. So we should stop? Time goes so quickly, isn’t it? (laughter). Interesting questions, thank you. All right. OK. So, very good.

I think I understand you people question, it’s very good, but such short time, understand, five days, so difficult to beginning start up to end, your trip, how should be life, when you doing meditation, to put, totally, to put such short time, so takes time, you understand. I think you ask old student; even one month is nothing (laughter). We have books and explain, the books explain, the discussion and debating, we do as much as possible, but is still one month is short time, you understand, I think. But what I’m doing here is, I’m not interesting so much, I give you too much intellectual, so much information, and I know, old people it’s OK, they long time, two, three times they take meditation course and stay checking, checking. But such new people, I think, if I put so much subject, perhaps five days they freak out (Lama laughs)(laughter). They breaking. Instead of beneficial, instead of “Ya, meditation course really makes help me. Something is change in my mind,” I really want is you more experience, more action, rather than intellectual. Of course, is so necessary, I understand, is so necessary intellectual too, but short time we can’t do too much, isn’t it.

So, therefore, I think, as much as possible, you just putting your mind into action. I say, remember, do not expecting any realization; you just act, perhaps you experience the real honey, internal honey, wisdom, experience, you slight time, short time, you experience. That experience can change all your psychological problem. It’s possible, it’s possible. If too much you intellectual, no experience, no action, none your action, “Eeh, I’m not interesting,” it not helping. Intellectual you can learn perhaps sometimes in school, that many professor. You ask, “What is karma, dear professor?” (laughter)(Lama laughs). You see, therefore, here what we doing, professor answer you, professor giving, is different. You check up, you check up. Not necessary you trust Lama, you check up; you give same question to professor, how he tell you, how give you impression. Is different things; this little bit different school.

So this time, also, when this Lama approach something and Lama like to out, like to show how ego. Therefore Lama like to come out ego, and see, really. It’s necessary. Instead of diplomatic…. Countless lives we have been diplomatic, we go like that, we go like that, we go like that. We never face! So, Lama likes to face with problem; see [it]. That’s all I want. So, atom of honey’s experience on the tongue is more powerful, more powerful than I explain so much how honey is so sweet (Lama laughs), years, months you think, “Oh maybe yes, yeah, maybe yes.” Yeah.

So, anyway, if you dedicate the five days meditation course, nothing for yourself, to other sentient beings, that take care. That kind of, if you have motivation, worthwhile.

You know, many times, Western young people, we often try all trips, we try, and say, making more conversation, “Oh, I went meditation course, Tibet Lama…he talk about certain things, this, that.” But your basic nature is nothing changed; nothing make you happy, really. But to make trip, I think that is nothing, is not worthwhile, not worthwhile. If you have something—forget about enlightenment realization—just make way see things, and make life easier, and people are more good communication, more friendly other sentient beings, it’s so worthwhile, so worthwhile. It’s nothing, it not, your feeling, it’s not the intellectually dry things. [your feeling is not dry intell..]

Especially, when the ego coming, and suffering coming, difficult mind coming, instead of too much concerned, sort of putting nail, having this kind of situation as you have, “It’s not only me; so many countless living beings having this kind of condition.” Look at right now, when you’re agitated, such uncontrolled mind coming, look at right now. When you see your own nature, you start compassion yourself. When you start compassion on you, then beginning you have starting compassion, true compassion to others. Compassion to others start, is comes from beginning you. You understand, if it’s real realization, true compassion, what we call, it comes from you. First, compassion, knowing your own situation, that similarity feeling having countless living beings. Then you have compassion to others. Otherwise, your compassion is mixed with attachment, perhaps,; no understanding. The compassion, love is comes from understanding the nature of human, other human nature and situation. Then truly start true compassion, and love.

You see, normally we say, “I love you, I love you.” Check up, that is really love, or instead of “love you,” “I attachment, I attachment you.” So, how you discriminate normally your love and attachment? Actually, attachment character and love character is different. So, when the problem comes, instead of concerning too much, “Oh, I have problem, meditation course; oh, I have problem,” instead of too much emotionally, “I have problem,” too much concerned “I,” when the problem coming, instead of emotionally, watching, checking, how the ego’s interpreted that problem.