Every Problem on Earth Comes from Attachment (Audio and Unedited Transcript)

By Lama Thubten Yeshe
Melbourne, Australia, 1975 (Archive #329 012)

An audio recording and unedited transcript of a teaching given by Lama Yeshe at a five-day meditation retreat in Australia in 1975. The edited version of this talk has been published as Chapter Six in the book Ego, Attachment and Liberation.

Lama Yeshe teaching at Lake Arrowhead, California, 1975. Photo: Carol Royce-Wilder.

So, we are so fortunated, having, putting effort, much effort, from your body, speech and mind. One time. And to search, to seeking the inner reality true nature. I mean, you can check up your own life; I mean one time trying to do these things, so fortunate!

It is not just I make up you, “You are so good”; I not make you proud; it’s so true. And also, discover the most, the human problem, mentally or physically, it all comes from attachment, manifestation; comes from attachment, that’s all. To discover that is, takes so much time. It’s not easy, this job is not easy job.

You can see now, right now, you imagine sometimes, “Oh, this is too difficult life,” and coming comfortable bed, your house, and sweet, chocolate cake, those things, memory coming. “Ooooh,” then attachment ego start here, “Oh, better I leave; why, why stay? There enjoy; this not sure; cake is sure!” [Lama laughs] [laughter]. This kind of. You see, I mean, you know, we all know, when we go back home, we all know what trip we going do. But you see, the attachment, it following ego’s view, “Oh so good, my bed is this, I’m comfortable, I have my family, and all relax, happy, what I want do I do, I’m free in my house; in here it looks not free; oooh, try to seriously, my serious mind is not coming, anyway, I go back!” [Lama laughs][laughter]. So many this talking, talking, dualistic attachment talking to you, so much, and then you say, say, “Oh yes, yes, yes, yes,” so then it’s started.

So, when you go back, you come down, and your room, sitting in your room, and then you check up. So silly, there’s no place, remember I told you, there’s no place in this earth, there is no place really gives satisfactory enjoyment. There no place, besides Australia. Do not think, Tibet must be a fantastic place, paradisical place, and everything is enjoyment. Never, never! Since we have dissatisfactory attachment coming with this body, wherever you go, your mandala surround is coming with you, with your mind. That’s all. Even you go mountain and cave, same thing! Same thing! Dissatisfactory mind together coming with you in the cave, even you escaped from Melbourne to mountain; the attachment mind is coming with you. Not left in Melbourne!

To face, to face to the problem, it’s so worthwhile rather than escaped from the problem; with no understanding root of problem. We’ve been this way. It’s not that it’s something new trip, new trip. It’s the old trip: we go, we change, we go, like that. Remember, all this, even this life, so many trips we did, with attachment.

With effort, everything is possible. To be able to attain realization, indestructible, everlasting peaceful, you must have indestructible mind for training, training. It not come itself, realization, without your training such way. We should have determinate: so long time we are servant to these two departments, attachment and ego, ego. Sort of, we serve, we try to make pleased, and recognize this is real, real root of, or biggest enemy; destroying whole your peaceful mind, whole your enjoyment; by this two minds occupied in your internal world.

You see, Lama’s point of view, Lord Buddha’s teaching, until you cannot see the real enemy is within you, you don’t recognize the attachment mind is the root of all problems, the physical, mental; all worry, all depression, everything is comes from, all problems, come from your own attachment mind. If you don’t recognize, until that, even you have sometimes one hour’s or maybe good concentration, that never last, never last. But by recognize psychological aspect problem, attachment character, and function and behavior, how attachment mind brings aggression, desire and hatred, how brings, if you discover that, so powerful.

Otherwise, whenever surround is peace, we think, “Oh, I’m so peaceful, oh I have so good meditation, I have so good realization.” When you go out, supermarket or shopping street, people bumping you, you completely freak out. Because you are not concentrating, samadhi, and you walking, so, so freak out. But having this understanding, even you go street and supermarket, wherever you go, you know how the psychology is attachment reacting. Really control; not easy to freak out.

This not sort of philosophical point of view Lama talking, not like that. Is really so real truth, true experience. So worthwhile.

Actually, this is all the religions, actually they recognize something, attachment, something, recognize. Not only Buddhism, not only Lord Buddha’s teachings. Even world people say, “Oh, attachment.” Sometimes we say, we use words, but we don’t really recognize attachment is really biggest problem in this earth.

So therefore, I saying is, recognize or discovering attachment, your own attachment problem is causation of problem of all your family, or husband, or wife or children or society or king or queen or doesn’t matter, or reputation, or your friends don’t like you, and they talk badly for you, or you hate your teacher or lama or priest or…you know! [laughter] Really. It comes from your own attachment. You really check up, So fantastic!

You see, I mean, really in the West, we always blame that, this; “I’m not happy, put this way,” you understand. Always outside there is something wrong with me; always trying to change outside, never emphasize recognize attachment is to change.

Even simple way, someone say, “Oh,” somebody say, “You are greedy,” something, hurting your ego; it comes from attachment. The attachment behavior, people don’t like, so you say, “Oh, you’re greedy”; so you hurt ego, “Oooh, I’m greedy”; not accepting. Somebody say, to showing your attachment action, anybody to say, your parents or your husband or your wife, anybody to say, “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,” instead of accepting, say “niaah!” Ego hurt! I mean, you understand that, somebody correcting your attachment ego’s wrong…the ego’s point of view, wrong conception point of view; you can’t accept. You see, this is problem. This is problem.

Even parents, or whatever, somebody love you, to telling to you, correct to you—not accepting at all. Why? Because ego want you only right, “I right”! Not true, I mean, it’s not true. You only want right, you think you are right.

You see, your attachment make sort of philosophy, “I’m not going to listen, anything, advice, anything, my old father, my old mummy,” sort of children make determination, closed mind. So, beginning they talk, beginning they talk, ego hurt, beginning something, parents they try talk, beginning they say, “Aaaah, who want, I want closed ear (?).” Never let come out, what they says. Beginning they going talk is you hurt, ego hurt. You see, that is ego’s determination, attachment, determination before, say, “I want closed…that door.” So when the time parents open door, beginning you conflicting, “What, what, what,” or “But, but, but.” [Lama laughs] So silly, how can you say, all your parents, all your surrounding friends says is beginning everything wrong. So overestimating attachment, ego you make completely reject.

One who realize, looking one’s own false (force?) behavior of attachment, just listening; anybody says, for you complaining, you’re listening. Not argument, one time, OK, possible, just check up. Maybe one week, one month. Think about, check up. When the conclusion comes, “This kind of what he says is not really right.” When the conclusion comes, then you go back again. Relax. Instead of nervous, relax, have tea, be natural, be; and then talk about it, slowly.
But you act the same day, you nervous, beginning you talking, you nervous. You know, the ego, beginning when you talk always nervous; exactly, same old impression talking, so that everybody, the both becomes like that. Real, way of your expression actually change. Before maybe you talked this way, this way, maybe that time instead of face together, like that, you go like that [laughter]. Maybe, you, this part you show, this part; here is you talk about, whatever your problem, and you show, you talk about little bit [showing different body languages] [laughter]. The whole atmosphere, atmosphere feeling change. Feeling change.

Same thing, same thing, real, two couple has problem; when you really want wisely to change, expression change, change. Instead of normal conversation talking like that: br, br, br, br, br, br, br, br, like that, the whole behavior, atmosphere you change. The basic what you are talking is you not necessarily change, but you atmosphere change, make space. Rather than too nervous reacting. You change. It makes space to grow that information into his mind. That’s very important; this is psychological things.

You see, how the attachment, attachment mind thinking, “Of course, he is my father, I’m his child.” You see, when beginning you think that is, or “She is my wife, I’m her husband” [laughter], the beginning thinking that mind attachment, itself make already difficult, conflict coming that way. Instead of thinking, I want to help others, “He is my father, therefore he should do for me,” grasping, with expectation. Only want advantage take from them. You know, just beginning. So the motivation is so involved in with attachment; so difficult communication.

Yeah, it’s true, somehow, you are little bit communicating, maybe this time meditation course with Lama. Why? You check up; you surprise. Which is you don’t know nothing, about me; you come here, you just listening, there is still communication. And you born with this, with your parents; you stay with your husband or wife a lifetime; so used together long time and no communication. Why? You check up now; it’s so silly isn’t it? So simple also. You don’t know even what Lama is…[laughter]. Why you communicate, really? This communication, do not think this is all Lama’s power, Lord Buddha’s teaching power; it’s the mental attitude, your own mental attitude, you have space, fundamental space, so the communication is coming naturally. If you don’t have that space, your own fundamental, no matter what Lama talk, is going PAM! here.

As long we have so concerned, concentrate concrete attachment, it’s following the wrong conception view of the ego. We say we love others and we try things are, religious aspect, compassion, or charity, or so on. All very superficial, so superficial; all religious activity is superficial, Lama’s point of view is, so superficial, not sufficient, not sufficient, not sufficient answer.

So our love is, the reason, the logical, our love, if you check up, really check up, honestly, “I love him, I love her” because “I want take advantage.” It does not say words, intellectually. You check up deeper. Expecting from them something helping and seeing something, coming advantage from them, and then you accept, say, “I love you, I love you, I love her.” That quality love is so poor quality. Even we don’t consider that is love. By understanding the cause, the root of attachment, and brings problem, by understanding the nature of problem of other people and you doing things, wanting help things, so more deep reason, deep logical; that reason is universal reason. Rather than, other one is so narrow, closed mind, closed love, fickle love, I think.

As long you have such fickle love, and you choose one object with narrow mind, “This is only my love object, compassion object.” You choose some species, some species (?pieces). There’s countless atoms in this earth; atom, atom. You choose one atom like that, “I love this atom.” So silly mind, isn’t it? Completely. There countless atoms, the energy, into space; you choose one atoms with a tied attachment, squeezing mind, squeezing, squeezing.

The reaction, that reaction, immediately another atom comes, you insecure; when you see another atom comes, you insecure; “I’m not sure this atom! [laughter]; I’m not sure this atom.” So, insecure feeling with other atom; because you choose, “Particularly this atom is I love.” It’s so true, so simple! You, really, your mind is like that! So response, or reaction, then not sure, not trust, sort of.

So anyway, if I make clear, the character what you choose, species, relativity painting, what you ego’s projection, what you paint on that, that character, you only see that character. “It’s good, trust object, good character,” something like that, whatever you say, normally; whatever you say, you choose that one. So that when the other species you see, you think, “Oh, this not, I don’t like; I don’t like this character; I don’t like this color, I don’t like this, this, this, this. I don’t like that, that, that.” So much, the automatically create sort of dislike; in other words, hatred.

But too much for you “hatred,” if Lama say. You interpret it such way, such emotional level. The hatred does not mean, if Lama explain, hatred does not mean such emotionally, like that. In the mind, in the mind, there’s a function, which is you dislike. You don’t want bother with that; sort of that part you want closed, that nature is hatred, actually, that nature is hatred. Because the unbalanced mind, unequal mind, it means unequal mind. If you know, physically not happened that, but the inner, internal world is not balanced; by two extremes, and choosing one particular atom and the rest million atoms are, for you, sort of, little bit against, sort of, against. I’m not sure if I say word against, maybe that’s not words; I need maybe psychological aspect words. I’m not sure what words better! Doesn’t matter. I think you understand. I try, I talk by, this body [laughter], I think this better. OK.

So, anyway, better, maybe, rejecting mind, rejecting mind, rejecting mind. One too extreme accepting, with attachment, and one’s reaction or response is, one is automatically rejecting. Rejecting, pushing back, to, yeah…so therefore, we are unhealthy mind.

Of course, we are normal person, we are normal person, we are communicate, we are. But remember, this two mind, too extreme accepting, grasping, too extreme rejecting, this two mind as long as we have, even if you are, looks healthy now, but when these emotion levels come out, [sound like air escaping] like that, we are clinically going sick. Isn’t it? I’m not making for you sort of putting more, but you should know that is, that condition possible. Therefore worthwhile all the time checking and observing your mind. There’s no way then, reason you freak out. Otherwise, you just go without any observing, checking. And suddenly this emotion levels come out, you freak out. You don’t know what happened to you. Therefore, all the schizophrenic, all the mental defilement or mental illness is comes from, really, attachment. Therefore, I’m saying is now, totally, universal living beings’ problem is comes from attachment. Besides your personal problem.

Sometimes maybe you think, “People don’t trust me.” That also comes from attachment. People don’t like you, don’t trust you, people. That comes from your own attachment. Other people seeing, your own attachment vibrations seeing, so they don’t trust you! [Lama laughs] If you do not give your own attachment vibration to others, other people think, oh, easy. They don’t afraid you. If your neighbor is so attachment gross levels, strong mind, even you be their neighbor, you’re afraid, you know that, I’m sure. Very much afraid; even you go near their house, nearby there, you go very slowly, be carefully; you afraid what they’re going to. And many people think, they don’t go near their yard, maybe they’re going to freak out. You know these things; common problem, isn’t it. We all know. Why? You see, that people don’t like to you, is actually they see your gross emotion levels vibrations, greed and these things, so people complaining to you. So people dislike, even people dislike; even your family don’t dislike each other, don’t like you. It comes from your own attachment.

Anyway, really, we have to realize completely…if this meditation is, course, clean clear up your mind, completely realize, all this, any problem—mental problem, relationship problem, whatever problem in this earth—everything is comes from attachment, if you realize without any question, so worthwhile. Don’t worry about, “Oh, I don’t have good concentration.” Concentration alone is not enough. Concentration is more emphasizing perhaps wisdom. By recognize attachment fault [faults of attachment]. And changing mental attitude is more approach, method, method. So, to be able to discover everlastingly peaceful realization, enlightenment, whatever you call, freedom, or inner freedom, you can’t go, when one thinks; the wisdom method together, can go.

Like elevator, elevator? You make fantastic elevator! Strong elevator, you put there, without electricity, the energy! How can you run? So the electricity energy, the elevator together, make PAM! you bring upstairs. So same thing. Everlastingly peaceful upstairs house, upstairs room [Lama laughs], to be able to reach, you must have two things: wisdom and method.

[break in tape]

….evil or bad or something like that. There is no outside evil. I’m sure some people think, Tibetan art looks like there is something horrible, form, evil, something like that. They believing something outside, evil. Mahayana Buddhism never ever explain evil is outside. You understand what I mean? The evil is transformation of the attachment or ego. So therefore, anyway, does not matter, attachment is evil. If you want to know evil, somebody ask what is evil, say, “My attachment is my evil. My ego is my evil.” If you want to know evil, words, it is such a way interpreted. If you don’t, does not matter whether evil is outside or inside, you don’t worry.

All the benefit, your life experience, happy feeling, all comes from other people, other people. When you born, you come with nothingness, from mother’s womb. When you born, you just come without clothes, isn’t it; you come. So, your parents put clothes, and give milk, take care so much, so much. And then grow, now you have clothes and these things; comes from what? Other sentient beings’ effort. Perhaps you think, you pay money, but money cannot wear! If somebody is, without making this cotton, this. So all comes from, really, any pleasure you think; example, “Oh, when I eat, oh, I so much enjoy cake,” that also comes from other people. One who doesn’t put effort to make cake, how can you have cake? So that all your enjoyments, all your enjoyment, all your experience samsaric enjoyment, everything comes from other sentient beings, other peoples giving to you.

That is I’m sure, difficult for you people: “I can’t believe; that I can’t believe” [Lama laughs]; “Too much for me!” Yeah, this meditation course, in the morning, first time we have some drinking, check up where that did come from. That is effort is comes from others. Every day we have milk, it comes from other beings. You’re not drinking your own milk, isn’t it. [Lama laughs]. So, really, if you check up all your equipment, all your equipment, all other people’s giving to you; you come on this earth with nothingness, and other peoples giving to you. So kind. Without other people’s kindness, you impossible to live life.

Do not think such society, intellectual build up life, working, paying, making money, and then you have life sort of. That is sort of intellectual society built such way, and how to run society. Actually, society, without society to make this kind of arrangement, how you can get? How you can get milk from the farm to Melbourne? I’m sure you understand. How, from the mountain, how the fruit come, and food transport, these things. Society kind. The group together make to arrangement to make life easier; that also society kind. All the structure to make, trying to make human preserve and make life easy, they try.

Example, yeah, we so much attached to reputation, do you? If somebody make to you…anyway, without other people, if you are alone, how can you get reputation?! Really, you’re not linked with other people. You’re alone somewhere. How you get reputation? People say you’re such, such, such, such, such, such and praise; those are, this comes from other people. So the reputation, and food and clothes, all your enjoyment comes from other sentient beings. Forgetting others’ kindness and thinking, “I did everything” sort of, is wrong conception mental attitude. Totally unrealistic.

You can see, you check up: all the supermarket food is other sentient beings’ effort. You can’t do everything, isn’t it. Other mother sentient beings, other sentient beings, human beings, putting effort, and brings and putting supermarket, and that way available, you can buy. I’m sure, your attachment ego, and so long time, you never thought that is other sentient beings kind, you never thought. I’m sure, such time Lama talk about to you, perhaps you think, “Oh, I think that can’t be; that is Lama’s thinking! Can’t be.” You really check up that. So important. I’m really not joking.

Yes. So worthwhile dear. Otherwise, so many, we are religious people, so we emotional. We just pick up idea; we doing so ritual things. Sort of all religion is custom. You understand? Religion is not custom, anybody’s custom. Dharma is nothing to do with custom. You know? It the understanding, understanding realization, is Dharma, and religion.

Of course, we are so ordinary, even religious things, Dharma things, we just looking sense, sense looking. Dharma is not sense object. Dharma is nothing soever to do with sense perception view. The wisdom, wisdom; mind view, wisdom view. To approach or to seeking the attachment nature and to seek all your pleasure, human existent preserving is comes from other sentient beings, kind and effort, you don’t need partisanship, “I’m this religion, I’m this religion.” You just do it, that’s all, you just realize.

Otherwise, so many times, we something, idea we pick up, artificial. Artificial, idea we pickup…or religions or Buddhism or whatever you call. Then, sort of, we take that idea and so superficial action we doing, without no understanding; so poor quality. And sort of almost hypocritical. The idea is only the pollution, rather than beneficial and solving the problem.

So you can realize, in this earth, the communist and the idea change is radical, radical change. Without changing inside, so much trouble. You understand? I’m not talking about politics but I talking about psychology; psychological, the human problem, I talk about. That’s all. You can’t change, isn’t dear? You can’t change. You look deeper, deeper, widely look at, besides idea. Idea, somebody say idea, “Oh, so good.” We often do, especially in Europe, people so much intellectual, they like idea so much. They don’t care what is idea, put! [slaps hand] coming into action: “Idea is so sounds good, oh, I like!” You know! “I love that idea!” [Lama laughs] We don’t know idea how fit [slap] with action. You understand. This more important. Don’t think, “Idea, oh, so good.” Idea is sky; you are earth?never coming together; unimportant. Be realistic; realistic.

It’s so difficult, without changing mental attitude, force, to make equal. I think, if you ask me what is, I think impossible. OK, I going say, impossible, impossible. OK. Without attachment mental attitude changing, impossible to make equal; impossible. But real possible, without radical changing outside, can completely change your inner world, inner mind, completely equal, can become totally balanced; rather than too extreme. This is so logical, so logical.

When you have equilibrium feeling, which is beyond these two extremes, your inner nature is equal and peaceful, rather than conflicting. The inner equal, the experience, giving?out looking also?so beauty, so beauty; the beauty is you see beyond this physical form; human beauty is you see beyond this form. I’m not sure, “beyond” means, I’m not sure what it means, what I mean. It means, you can see human beauty is inside rather than only outside, what you appears sense perception. So warm feeling. So realistic.

Without relating with other human beings, how can you existent? Impossible, impossible, you live life without other people’s, without relating with other people. Therefore, the most time, all our life, human mind or brain or whatever you call it, related with other human beings. And so much influence is coming in the mind from the other human beings. So, most time is, human problem, I say is comes from the human beings, isn’t it. Of course; copy, copy, I’m not sure, copy from others. So, do not think human problem is outside, something, oh, a place or these things. So therefore to stop it, human relationship is so important; problem of human relationship stopping is so important. So realistic. So, your behavior and your psychology becomes humanitarian…I’m not sure. I’m not sure! Yes? Humanitarian or humanitary? Humanitarian, yeah. What is the…OK, doesn’t matter. Yeah. I think we understand each other. We communicating. Surprise, isn’t it!! [Lama laughs]. OK. Very good.

When you realize other mother sentient beings so kind, then, instead of other beings dislike, sort of, rejecting feeling, they becomes beautiful for you. Appears [beautiful] for you. Then there is space [for] true love; profound love; deep love. Deep reason, not the superficial reason. Then, also feel equilibrium, equilibrium, inner feeling equilibrium, rather than too extreme feeling. So logical, reason should be, feeling equal, “This all human beings, all sentient beings, wanting equally happy, no one want equally unhappy feeling. Including myself too. I want happy, I never desire unhappy feeling. I want avoid, any complicated feeling comes, I want avoid as much as possible, try. Although I’m too ignorant, basic intuitive, the completely universal living beings’ nature, equally same thing, wanting happy, not desire unhappy feeling, but my fickle, too extreme mind, which is I choose atom one, like to wanting help and happy, but other one is I forget. Or even sometimes who are agitate me, if he has something good time, I’m jealous.” So unrealistic, unbalanced; too extreme mind.

Like, I’m, my too extreme, the mind is like, the two people come, the situation, they both hungry and thirsty, extremely. I look at, they come to you, I look at, I choose one, I choose one, “OK, you come inside. You cannot come, you go.” Situation I know equally what they are, but the narrow, narrow mind, choosing one is “Come in; I love you,” and you give food and clothes and drinking and these things; you give up others. Situation, same situation. So narrow mind, so silly mind, so extreme mind. This all comes from misconception attachment. Unbalanced mind doing action, these kind of things, so unrealistic. Even we are materialistic scientific levels, if we check up that, so unrealistic. Nothing to do even with religious or Buddhism or whatever, doesn’t matter. This kind of ridiculous mind is even, if we check up, even ordinary people, non-religious people, and understandable, so simple.

So, mind putting in equal feeling, thought, with living beings, and concentrated, you understand, what I am talking? Firstly you have to check up, little bit intellect, when you meditate. Then you point reach somehow, really equal, really same thing sort of, somehow you reach, that time you leave your mind into that equality feeling. Enjoy there. It’s so remarkable experience. This is, Mahayana Buddhism called, equilibrium meditation.

Maybe we break, pi-pi breaking, OK? So please excuse me, OK. You can go pi-pi, and then slowly come back with equilibrium feeling; do not forget equilibrium meditation, even you walk, equilibrium feeling, and come back with equilibrium feeling. Thank you so much.

So, so very important to recognize all the desire and hatred and dislike, and such deluded problem is comes from the attachment and ego. Actually, this attachment, ego, when they come, first, first come ego, ego mind coming. Started from ego mind, then following, the attachment. The reason why first ego, concept of ego, building “I” or the polluted projection giving on “I”, such painted, covered. Then starting, when coming “I”, object “I” which is really superficial, artificial and illusory, and object of ego, starting looking sense world, sense pleasure, so then attachment, sticking, clinging. Sort of evolutionary; this is evolutionary. So then, first time ego say, ego mind say, “I,” then automatically identifying “I” is separate totally with other atom, with other people, other people. So then, there is two things comes, automatically view, “I” is the most important thing. Then second is the narrow mind choosing one atom for the sense pleasure. Then third one, rest one is uninvolved in, maybe perhaps, or hatred object. So that way start.

So perceiving such self-existent, independent, the hallucination “I”, accepting, immediately there comes “other,” appears “other,” which is totally separate from you. Other. There’s no “I”, there no appearance others. So then separation, so that separation build up, build up, then all started, all the samsaric problem. Of course, you understand, this all also ego. How ego comes is ignorant, ignorant, ignorant. Ignorant produce, or cause, ego.

Lord Buddha demonstrate that is, through sort of physical levels to others is, I’m sure you people saw wheel of life thangka. Pig is eating, biting tail of the chicken, and chicken is biting tail of snake, round like that. It’s symbolic. It’s not Tibetan culture. Really, it is not Tibetan culture. Lord Buddha himself, when Lord Buddha existent, that time he told his disciple, draw these things and send some people present. Which is, he send one king, he’s not religious, just sent present, do not say anything explanation. He checkup, he check up, all the time, he check up. He realized one time the art explain itself for him. He realized this is biggest poison and problem. Through the art. Therefore art, many times, keeping art in your room, is so much effective.

Same thing movies. You always go movies, I’m sure you understand, so simple, isn’t it. Sometimes some movie make you [frightened] like that. Oh sure, yes, so simple. Some movies make you so sad, you cry [laughter]. It’s not the reality, it’s a delusion, isn’t it? You know, you all know. But the so much, old, the reflected mind, the mirror of mind taking all garbage reflection without discriminating. So the, so much effective, that visualization.

Very important, you aware what kind of vision coming, environment vision coming, way of your living life and association with people, and how effective for your mind. You check up. How giving attachment impression in your mind or how hatred impression giving in your mind, you check up. If you are psychologically familiar and clear, you can understand. But we are sort of completely ignore internal world. So whatever ego making maybe bathroom in your mind, you say OK! I mean, in other words, you know what I mean, the attachment ego making in your brain or in your mind, and making bathroom, build up bathroom, and you just, “Oh…”?you just don’t care. If somebody make bathroom near your house, you completely freak out. “Oh, my property, you make bathroom, oooh!” You are so silly, you don’t know, it’s so true, we don’t know what really makes you happy.

So the symbolic, pig symbolize ignorant. From the pig, ignorance coming is, the chicken symbolize desire, craving, desire. And from the chicken, next is snake. Snake symbolize dislike or hatred mind. All this evolutionary you can see, the demonstrate outside, but so perfectly fit in your mind; it is so perfectly fit in universal mind. It’s nothing soever to do East trip; it’s nothing soever to do Lama’s trip; it’s nothing soever to do with religious trip; nothing soever to do with (?) trip. It’s completely all equally scientific internal world evolutionary. So simple. You can see.

Therefore, for that reason, Lord Buddha’s teaching, he always emphasized understanding, he always wanted against, release the ignorant. So he not satisfies sort of religious game ritual, plays and ideas, clinging; he’s not interested. You understand now? Action of wisdom is so much emphasized. That’s the only solution. He discovered. I can say that is. All Buddha’s, what discover is, ignorant pollution is root of problem. From that started then attachment, hatred, craving desire. That’s why he emphasizing understanding, integrated mind only can give solution for the mental defilement problem. No understanding, impossible to stop any problem. Although, we pretending, many times we think, pretending, think stopped problems.

So, really, the biggest problem, your inside enemy, attachment, if you conquer, you conquer all force energy. Even you conquer, you want control your husband, you control. True. It’s so control. Possible. But otherwise you using power, ego’s power trip, you using, try to people, impossible to conquer. Or, you think you conquer, cannot conquer. Impossible to have inner MUNI MUNI. Remember? Inner MUNI MUNI! OK, yes, good. So, to have inner MUNI MUNI realization, remember, “conquer, great conquer, greatest conquer,” the inner enemy, inner attachment, the attachment. Then you control all.

Remember, the historical, Lord Buddha, when he meditating, some part of comes with guns, so many things to sort of, almost for war for him. And he did, what he did is, he meditate equilibrium meditation, universal love. We say jam-pa’i ting-nge-dzin; Tibetan words, jam-pa’i ting-nge-dzin. He stayed that time, meditate jam-pa’i ting-nge-dzin. Ting-nge-dzin means samadhi; jam-pa means love. He stay samadhi of love, true love meditation. All those army, or whatever, they throws guns, these things, when they throw, it becomes flowers, it becomes nothing hurt for him. He conquer completely. You can see, this is not Tibetan only art. In India art, India historical, they draw this kind of thing.

So Lord Buddha conquered all the enemies, not the, his army, he has super atomic bomb and so he win, sort of. Not like that. He has super inner atomic bomb, universal love. He conquer whole world. I think, it’s so true; I mean.

Even one Tibetan meditator, yogi, Geshe Ben, he’s called Geshe Ben, and he tells, “When I was the thief, I had the arrows, strong arrows, I taking here, and guns hers, and that much knives here. By day I thief with roads, sort of, waiting there people, I thief with, like that. And night, I go sneakily, for thief, getting things for the ego, for attachment.” That time, so such enemy for him, so much enemy. Everything becomes for him enemy. And so difficult, he says, to have getting samsaric pleasure. When he give up that, all these arrows and knives and guns, he give up, then no enemy coming outside. All becomes friend for him. And he get more samsaric pleasure, getting things, than before he try so much effort with guns and arrows and things and knives, these things. This is his experience. He says, “So now I have no more enemy; all mother sentient beings becomes for me beautiful. Really, truly friend.”

Before, you see, his psychology, wrong conception mind is, to be able to have friends, one side, he have one friend, and he becomes powerful and he fight, he kill others, so he think, that his psychology wrong conception attachment, his making this partisanship friendship, to be able to have, he must be, have so powerful. He thought that one. So he says totally that psychology is wrong. Even, simple example, when somebody is freak out, freak out, something like that, angry, instead of you going like that, you go relaxed: “You tired,” with much love, as much possible, understanding his situation. He automatically he come [calm?] down. By perceiving your peaceful energy. But when he is like that, nervous, you making more nervous, like that. You see, that’s so simple, isn’t it. So simple.

So therefore, the equipment, equipment to conquer outside enemy, to conquer inside enemy?you know what I mean, we interpreted outside enemy and inside enemy, as we know, attachment and ego association, two departments?the powerful equipment is true love. Equilibrium meditation, and slowly can develop also bodhicitta.

Example, simple example, when you have one son, when son does silly thing and you know intellectually it is so silly, so silly thing, but you love so much to him; his silly things, actions, for you not bother, you just accept, because there is love. So not bother. But somebody else does, you freak out, isn’t it? It’s not just outside, it is your interpreted. So you see your son is beautiful, so the quality “you beautiful” as visualizing, the bad things coming, even that control. So you except, exceptional, you make exceptional.

Same thing, if you understand the real deepest nature, the human nature, human situation with equilibrium understanding…like your son, your son make sometimes naughty to you, but your, the positive side, control that. Still you accept, he’s beautiful boy there. Same thing, any living being, universal living being, something for you, does silly thing, seems you see silly, but your basic nature knowing, that not bother you psychologically.

Also, you know, what really he act is still his superficial mind, attachment following such superficial ego’s point of view. You know, you know. It’s not the his things he want to do. His psychology, such uncontrolled mind pushing him to do this way?more compassion. He has no freedom. Completely pressed by the two departments, two departments, remember? Completely mashed. Having this kind of situation you don’t need “Compassion, I have compassion.” You don’t need say. The compassion intuitively coming; intuitively. Because compassion comes from understanding the situation of the quality, the nature of human phenomenon. Then becomes automatically comes. Not the intellectually comes.

OK. I think, better time to stop. OK. So therefore, so worthwhile, worthwhile, one time recognize one’s own attachment character and this is biggest problem and enemy. There nothing outside problem. And so actualize equilibrium meditation, I think is so worthwhile. So, today, we try to do equilibrium. Equilibrium is not emphasize outside, not radical changing, do not think that way. It’s in the mind. Mind feeling equal with all living beings, with real logical, true logical. You approach analytical knowledge wisdom, when you point reach sort of feeling equal, you stay there. Tibetans call jog-gom. Jog-gom means you just let stay there, one-pointedness, sort of. As much possible long. When the distracted, then again give logical and explain yourself and describing characteristic nature of attachment. So finally comes conclusion, equal feeling. Then you stay equilibrium feeling. When your mind even small part of equilibrium feeling, you satisfied, that time you satisfied; you just stay there. More important than too much intellecting that time.

I think OK, OK. Thank you very much. We see you afternoon again. Thank you.