Death and Rebirth

By Nicholas Ribush

These teachings and meditations, by Dr Nicholas Ribush, can help you understand life, death and rebirth and the nature of the mind. You can discover how to use the certainty and imminence of death to enhance your quality of life. See how the entire path to enlightenment hangs together as a cohesive whole and where the teachings on impermanence and death, the first and last that the Buddha gave, fit in. The meditations included here guide you in the practice of analytical and placement meditation on these topics. 

Death and Rebirth: Introduction

Death and Rebirth is a module from Discovering Buddhism, a two-year, fourteen-module series that provides a solid foundation in the teachings and practice of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism. This program is offered by many FPMT centers worldwide and is also now offered for homestudy on the FPMT Online Learning Center.

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