Teachings at Maitreya Puja (Audio and Unedited Transcripts)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Shakyamuni Center, Taichung, Taiwan (Archive #1611)

Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave these teachings during a Maitreya puja at Shakyamuni Center, Taichung, Taiwan in March 2007. During the teachings Rinpoche gives commentary and oral transmission of the Namgyälma, Stainless Pinnacle and a number of other mantras.

The teaching was being translated into Chinese and while we have edited those sections out you may still occasionally hear the Chinese translator's voice in the background.

Stainless Pinnacle mantra lung continued; Benefits of building stupas

So I’m going to do the lung of the text from the Kangyur, the Tsug-tor Dri-me, the Stainless Pinnacle, with all the benefits. I’m going to do the lung of this and then the Mitrukpa mantra, that’s another one.

Mitrukpa mantra, then Kunrig and the other one, Pema Ushnika, that one. [pause]

Yeah, I’m going to do the oral transmission of the text of, contains the mantra and the benefits, extensive benefits of the Stainless Pinnacle Deity’s mantra that taught by Buddha, okay.

[Rinpoche gives the oral transmission.]

So seems this mantra the Stainless Pinnacle, not only by hearing but even by seeing the mantra, you get liberated from all the negative karmas and defilements and then also the fears of the lower realms.

[Rinpoche continues the oral transmission.]

How powerful this mantra is, when the fire burns hay, then the wind, the dust of the hay that burned blows away quickly, so like that, it burns all the past negative karmas like that, purifies. Then when there’s showers, rain, or the waterfall, when there’s waterfall on the mountain, then all the garbage on the ground, all those just so fast chased away, so this, even just merely hearing or seeing this mantra, how powerful to purify negative karma is like that. So when the fire burns the gold, purify gold, makes very soft, so something which is hard is very soft, so that means how powerful negative karma to purify, the negative karma, so just by mere recitation of this mantra then the negative karmas get purified. I think something talking about the flexibility of the body, like that, not a hundred percent sure, so it says that there’s no doubt, example, when the sun rises then the beams covers all the whole world, so beautifies, so like that, anybody who keeps this mantra beautifies that person’s body. When the fish go on the dry ground, ?plowing/flooding, so no water, so then nearing death, goes in the door of the death, it says, anyway this, then going to die, almost die then somebody puts water suddenly then the fish able to last and then they’re alive and then again play in the water. So like that, just merely remembering this mantra then those people who recite the mantra, the obstacles of the life get pacified and have long life.

Then the mantra comes, so I did oral transmission of the mantra already before.

[Rinpoche continues the oral transmission.]

So somebody whose life is finished already, then if you build a stupa, and then you put this mantra inside the stupa, so it can be even a small stupa, of course no question if it’s a large stupa, but even a small stupa, inside the stupa, so I think I didn’t show you, so the Lama Tsongkhapa tsa-tsa this size, so there’s eight stupas round, this size, ?upstairs, so Lama Tsongkhapa made by his own hand. I think I have shown during the animal liberation, so stupa can be even this size, but then you put this mantra inside. So I think it helps for long life, even somebody who has finished, there’s no more life to live but can still prolong the life. Then no question about bigger stupas, like the one in Taipei center, that I think, in the early times did many and then also my brother had a neck problem so I think one time made four hundred stupas were done in the factory, so no question if you do many, another method for long life.

[Rinpoche continues the oral transmission.]

When the death comes, like a snake changes their skin, you leave this body [snaps fingers], you go to pure land, Amitabha pure land.

[Rinpoche continues the oral transmission.]

Then you never ever get reborn in the lower realms. Never experience a feeling of death, “the feeling of death” means suffering, I think. So, I mean, once you get to a pure land. Then you never hear even the hell, even the sound hell, even the name “hell,” you never hear, besides you never experience the suffering result. Okay, mention that.

So one of my suggestions is that, so when you build a stupa, for example, it’s good to build by many people, involve, let many people involved, as many as possible. Even you are building a small one, let so many people involved, so even, I don’t know whether five rupees, ten rupees, whatever money or doing work, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand or a hundred thousand, however many, so let many people involve. Why? Because it causes long life for everybody and that makes them to be born in Amitabha pure land because of these benefits of these mantras, okay. Then, never ever get reborn in the lower realms. So therefore, it is very wise that, method, to help sentient beings, no question if you’re building a large one, but even building like one story or less than a story, however, let many people involved, many people build together, let many people, even yourself is the main sponsor but let many people involved. So I think it’s very, extremely important. Of course, dogs and cats they can’t help, they can’t, dogs, cats, they can’t help, they can’t pay money or they can’t carry things. So anyway, but people can help. Anyway, I think it’s, yeah, extremely important this, very skillful means to help to liberate sentient beings.

Then also, I think, building a stupa, I think the different parts of the world, I mean, where public can see, mountains or road where, generally building a stupa and especially where the public can see, can circumambulate or can see, I think that’s another, of course, it involves spending money, but it’s another method, incredible, unbelievable means to help sentient beings, to liberate sentient beings, so many sentient beings to bring to enlightenment. During, who get involved, so many sentient beings who get involved in building but then also once you build, after you build, how many hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, how many years that statue, stupa, holy object lasts, every day all those sentient beings who see that stupa, as I mentioned before, as I mentioned two times already, collect numberless great merit just merely seeing than that many arhats liberated from samsara equaling the number of, it says sand grains but the, the universe, however, every day you make divine food, not human food, divine food, hundreds of divine food every day to those arhats, that many arhats, then divine dress, the most expensive, so yeah, for example, devas, one ornament, one earring or one, something like that, even all the human beings’ wealth, this world human beings’ wealth not enough to pay for one earring or one ornament. So however, devas’ dress, okay. So, hundreds every day, so even itself is unbelievable but then when you compare all that to merely seeing a statue, stupa, that, so that one, all the other one is small, this one is far more greater.

So now here, so everybody who see from far, unbelievable the merit, so amazing. Every day who see, then animals. Then as I mentioned before, all the animals, insects, flying around, touch, land on that, all get purified. People who remember that holy object, wherever, any part of the world they can remember or who dreams of it, who think about it, who dream, it plants seed, cause to achieve enlightenment, purifies. So that’s, even after it’s finished, every day unimaginable. So even you’re in another world, you’ve died, in another world, somewhere else, another universe, however, here, let’s say, stupa, building a stupa, it directs your life towards enlightenment.

But let’s say even you are in a hell realm, but your effort put to build this holy object in the world, this constantly liberating animals, how to say , constantly liberating sentient beings, every day those who see, those who touch, when the wind touches that, goes away, however, constantly working for sentient beings, liberating sentient beings constantly. So it’s, how many thousands of years it can last, so it’s unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable.

Your effort to build this, the benefit unbelievable, the sentient beings it covers. So that’s [pause], teaching Dharma or yourself meditating on the path, having realizations, however, there are many other activities, but especially unable to do these things, then the other, I mean there’s many other ways to benefit, making holy objects is not the only one, but I’m just using the example how benefit it is, you build statue, stupa, particularly a stupa is kind of an art. Buddha statue, Oh, this is Buddhist, this is Buddha, so for other religious people maybe they, some, maybe some dislike, This is Buddha, part of Buddhism. But a stupa maybe just more general, more kind of, perhaps maybe universal or just an art, some nice art. There’s no particular kind of ?Buddha shape, nice art. So it’s kind of like for, for other different religion people, it’s more, this is how I think, maybe more suitable or more acceptable. That’s what I think, anyway, just, that’s it.

So when you build a stupa, if somebody put one brick or one stone, one mud, if somebody put one mud on there, become cause of enlightenment.

Unbelievable merit.

Vajrayogini, France, the center, the Kadampa stupa, usually you don’t see Kadampa stupa built outside, that’s not normal, but anyway somehow it came out, I don’t remember whether it came from them or came from me, a Kadampa stupa. Anyway, not common to build a Kadampa stupa, so people who build is Christian people, Christian group, very special Christian group built that stupa and they enjoyed very much building the stupa. And they asked to Vajrayogini center, if want to build any more stupas they will come back to build.

And also I build one stupa, well, I built, one student from Iceland, she asked at Tushita a long time ago, she opened the curtain of my room at Tushita, Dharamsala, so she said what should she do so I said build a stupa. She looked at through the door and she asked what she should do, so I said build a stupa. So she went back and built a stupa in Iceland. And people who built the stupa are mostly non-Buddhists.

Maybe there’s one or two who came from Dharamsala who stayed a few months, but the rest is not Buddhist. So they built this in Iceland, I think perhaps maybe one story or less, yeah, I think maybe one story.

So I went there to bless. When the sun’s shining and when there’s no fogginess, it was so pleasant, ground and then from there you see the city, so nice. A little bit close to the main road, I mean, the car road.

Anyway, when I went there to bless, it wasn’t a sun shining day, it’s a foggy day. Waah! It’s wind and snowing and so foggy. So I tried to bless the stupa there, outside, then I couldn’t, half I had to do in the car, because no way, even five minutes so difficult, so difficult, all this fogginess and wind and…. So I don’t know how they built the stupa there . So I did half the consecration in the car. Even the car moves by wind. So then this is offered to the government. We built the stupa and offered to the government. The mayor came, all this fogginess, so mayor came and gave a speech and so did a small celebration. So her parents don’t understand. She buys, because in the throne you put wealth, same as wealth vase, so she was buying new clothes, from a store many new clothes and filled up the throne with wealth, so the parents couldn’t understand why buy new and put there. Probably they may have thought their own old dresses put there. Anyway, so then later, then people who are passing through the road then they stop there and they go, they stop and they look at the stupa, they go to look at the stupa. Then the parents were happy, that made them happy, because they don’t know.

Then after understanding the benefits of these four powerful mantras then knew how stupa is important then built many stupas, the eight stupas at Kopan, down below. One is Harry, one ex-monk, to purify his negative karma. Then Solu Khumbu my mother’s stupa in the road. And then another stupa at the airport, so the people go under the stupa. So you make a wall, people go underneath, the animals. Then, so then stupa happened many places after that. Also my mother reincarnated and then also passed away, so built another stupa in Solu Khumbu. So, many. So hopefully to build many stupas in different parts of the world, so it helps so many sentient beings, such an easy way to help to liberate sentient beings.

So, some students told me that when they are building a stupa definitely see it’s benefiting to their mind. It’s proved, that the heart becomes softer, mind gets softer, definitely they see some purifying. They see very clearly, experience, purifying or the benefit to the mind.

It’s a protection for the area, blessing for the area, the country, the area, and also it helps even other non-human beings, spirits and nagas, so forth.

[Rinpoche continues oral transmission.]

Here it’s talking about Buddha explaining, talking about the evolution, why Buddha manifested in this deity, why this mantra, how this mantra came out. So the unbelievable, unbelievable karma, negative karma and unbelievable, unbelievable, unimaginable suffering, so who experienced in the past and who’s going to experience, so then, so requesting Buddha to help, it’s one deva, one of the devas. So it’s quite a long story of the evolution of this, how this mantra happened. Then talking about the power, then how this purifies all those negative karmas, so how it’s powerful.

There is one book, I’m not sure whether it’s a complete translation or not, but some part of the text, I think, there is one book, I think some Nyingma lama translated, I saw. I don’t know whether all this text is translated or not but seems there’s something there. But I have intention to translate completely. I mean you can have the essence or the other thing is you can translate the whole entire text. Then you put capital letters, the major benefits, kind of easy for people to kind of get in mind.

[Rinpoche continues the oral transmission.]

So my suggestion is when you circumambulate stupas, whether it’s a small stupa or big, containing these four powerful mantras, Stainless Pinnacle mantras containing, so when you circumambulate also chant this mantra, then remember also the mantra inside, this mantra, so circumambulate like this, they way advising. Unbelievable powerful purification.

[Rinpoche continues the oral transmission.]

If you do that then, remembering the Stainless Pinnacle mantra inside, the relic, then you also chant these two, the root mantra and the heart mantra, then go round, then it purifies five uninterrupted negative karmas and unbelievable merit you collect. I think maybe I told already.

Then since from that time you won’t be, you don’t have to be born in the womb and the pollutions, you don’t get those stains abiding in the womb, you get born in the lotus, means a pure land, you get born entering birth in the lotus.

And all your wishes get completed.

[Rinpoche continues the oral transmission.]

So this is the Buddha’s teaching from Kangyur, the mantra and the extensive benefits of the mantra, Stainless Pinnacle Deity, so that lung, oral transmission, which I received from ?Khyongla Rato Rinpoche, so that’s done. So that’s the purpose of, so fulfilled the purpose of having received that oral transmission, so preserve and spread the lineage of the blessing. Yeah, educate sentient beings about this such easiest way to purify negative karma, to liberate from samsara, to achieve enlightenment. So much merit and powerful purification so then it makes easy to attain the path.

So, next oral transmission is Milarepa mantra.

So this has benefit to be born in the ?Ngonga, the pure land of, I think, pure land able to meet Maitreya , able to meet Milarepa. Liberating from the lower realms and to be born in pure land and to receive teachings from Milarepa.

[Rinpoche gives lung of Milarepa mantra.]


And there’s also a very short Milarepa guru yoga meditation prayer, a very short one. A very nice one. There’s also Milarepa tsog offering, tsog anyway practice. ?Like the whole in sadhana.

The Kunrig, the deity, king of the deity purifying the lower realms.

[Rinpoche gives the oral transmission of the Kunrig mantra.]


Should be BISHODHANA, so I don’t have the text to check. The last one, BISHODHANA, so need to be checked. Might be NI, so that needs to be checked.

Next one, Medicine Buddha.

[Rinpoche gives lung of short Medicine Buddha mantra.]

So two, so the Kachen Yeshe Gyaltsen text, then MAHA BHEKHANDZYE BHEKHANDZYE, then other the, one of the initiation texts, Rinjung Gyatsa or Sukya Gyatsa, one of them, in some texts then it says, OM BHEKHANDZYE BHEKHANDZYE MAHA BHEKHANDZYE RAJA SAMUDGATE SVAHA. So I think either way. There’s one text I have seen, TADYATHA OM MUNÉ MUNÉ MAHAMUNAYÉ SOHA, also like that I have seen in one text the different mantra like that. So however, I think, I don’t think it’s something missing but it’s just maybe could be elaboration.

Then Stainless Beam Deity’s root mantra.

[Rinpoche gives the oral transmission NAMA SAPTANAM…AMRITA AH KASYA…]

Yeah, the last one, the way of reading, in one Tibetan text, one great translator, ______ ?Palmo Lotsawa said, so according to from Sarnath University, some monk who’s expert in the Sanskrit, so according to that, SAYA. Here it looks like SYA, but it seems it has to be pronounced SAYA. But I’m not sure that will be agreed by everybody or not.

[Rinpoche continues the oral transmission: AMRITA AH SAYA…HURU HURU SVAHA.]

I’ll read this again.

[Rinpoche repeats the oral transmission, with a few extra repetitions.]

I’m not going to repeat any more, because I think it will be the same. Then it will be endless.

Now the heart mantra.

[Rinpoche gives the oral transmission.]

So that’s it. So that’s done.

So then there’s this one, page 14 at the bottom.

[Rinpoche gives the oral transmission of Stainless Beam mantra (2) up to …LUKA NAN…]

Here it says NAMA, so that’s a mistake, TATHAGATA GAM…LUKA NEN, there’s no MA.

[Rinpoche completes the oral transmission.]

The rest is correct, just the TATHAGATA GAM…LUKA NEN, there’s no MA. So it’s already in English the benefits so I’m not going to ?explain that, so can, there should be, most of that should be in English, so benefits of that.

So now, Mitrukpa. The benefits I already explained during the, before the initiation, so should take out the benefits from there, beginning of the initiation, I think.

[Rinpoche gives oral transmission of the Mitrukpa mantra.]

This OM PADMO USHINISHA BIMALE HUNG PHAT, so that’s the Wish-Granting Wheel mantra, I have seen that title but also there’s a little bit long title, I couldn’t get clear, Lotus Pinnacle, Stainless Lotus Pinnacle, something like that. I will check the other name.

So this mantra, if you chant, even the fully ordained monk broke all the four root vows, born already in the hell, if you chant this by thinking of that being, then even somebody like that can get liberated from the lower realms, from the hell realms. This is unbelievable powerful.

Then, if you recite seven times every day, you get born in the pure land, Amitabha pure land. And then if you, so there’s unbelievable powerful purification, so if you chant this on the incense, if you chant incense powder, incense stick, you chant this then blow, then you lit it up, then it becomes purification, purifying negative karma, yours, other sentient beings, and also healing. So in front of sick people, you chant this mantra and that becomes healing for that person. Then you chant this mantra over the incense, you put your dress on top of that, then you wear, if you’re going to see somebody, ask for help or something, whatever, business or something, so you chant this mantra, you lit up incense, the smoke, if you chant this mantra, blow over that then you put your dress on top of the incense, incense burning, then you wear. Then you go to see the person, so it helps for success. So it has unbelievable benefits this mantra.

Yeah, that’s it then, we’re finished. Yeah.