Compassion is the Real Answer (Audio and Unedited Transcripts)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Madrid, Spain (Archive #1785)

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave this talk in Madrid, Spain on June 10, 2009. The teaching includes a commentary on the visualization of Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara), and group chanting of OM MANI PADME HUM mantra. Rinpoche also explained the benefits of compassion and the laws of karma.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Tarzana, California, 1975. Photo: Carol Royce-Wilder.
Compassion Creates the Cause for Success

So, you see, success has to come from your mind. Success doesn’t come from there, success doesn’t come from outside. Success has to come from your mind. You see, from here, it tells, it has to come from your mind; you can make successful. So then, because it comes from your mind, that means you can create the cause of success all the, twenty-four hours, twenty-four hours, you can create the cause of success, you know what I’m saying, okay?

You see, so we have, so you understand, we have unbelievable freedom, unbelievable freedom, you understand? So, you see, human beings, because we can learn, we can learn, can communicate, in Tibetan it’s said [Tibetan], can speak, can communicate, and can understand the words and meanings, so, what His Holiness says, human beings are much more talented, but use in the wrong way, talent, so what His Holiness says is true.

So can use, I mean, can use wrong way, then, you see, destroy the world, cause all these dangers to happen, and the economic problems, all these dangers, global warming, other problems, so, if one use wrong way, misuse. So then one person who has power killed many millions of people in the world, so that’s without counting animals, animals you don’t count, so like that.

So, so therefore, now, if one has compassion, then everyday life you help animals, people, wow, I mean, while you’re at home, or while you’re outside, in the office, wherever you are, always you help, always you help, okay. So always, you’re creating cause of success, if you have compassion, always you create the cause of success, you understand? So, like that. So, later, this life, later this life, later in this life, and future lives, hundreds, thousands of lives, for hundreds, thousand, thousand lifetimes, hundred, thousand, thousand lifetimes, I mean, you see, unbelievable success, so whatever you wish [snaps fingers], whatever wish comes, it happens, it happens even the same day, after a few days, even in same day, even a few hours [snaps fingers], so, even without any effort, just, you see, you don’t need to put any effort, just wish comes and it happens, the next hour, or something.

So, later this life, or in the future lives, for thousands of lifetimes, so all your wishes come true, without any effort, so like that. So, like this, okay. So you achieve happiness so easily, you don’t need worry, no need worry, fear, so much worry, fear, and you have to bear hardships, no need that, okay.

So what makes possible to help others, to fulfill others’ wishes for happiness, compassion, if you have compassion. So therefore, say, this is without talking, without talking practice Buddhadharma, without talking devoting Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. Of course, if you do that, ah, you have skies of opportunity, wow, atoms of this earth opportunity, so much to create good karma, cause of happiness, unbelievable, all the good things, all the good things you achieve so easily, wow, up to enlightenment.

So, the compassion is the best, so best protection for your life, because of compassion no harm others, only help others, so that means you don’t create negative karma. So, if you harm others, then, as a result, you receive harm from others. Of course you, you say, you get angry and, you get angry to somebody, that person will get angry to you back. Or you insult something to the person, then you don’t receive back respectful words, you receive insult back, but, not only that, not only that, but, not only that, but you will receive harm hundred, thousands of lifetimes, you understand, in the future, from this one act of harm, one act of harm to others, you will receive harm from others, hundred, from this one act, you will receive harm, hundred, thousands of lifetimes in the future, you will receive harm from this one act, that negative karma, this one act of harm, oh, so like that.

So, you see, what I’m saying? So, with compassion, you don’t harm others. Okay, that means you don’t receive harm from others, so, you don’t receive harm from others, okay, so that’s how compassion becomes your best protection, best protection to your life, you understand, very logical, best protection for your life, it’s very logical.

Then compassion, of course, best cause of success I mentioned already before, remember? Even success of samsaric happiness, samsaric happiness, temporary happiness, success, food, clothing, reputation, whatever, you see, but, besides that, also realization, okay, including enlightenment.

So now the, okay, so the, so whatever harm we receive from others this life, whatever harm we receive from others, abused by others, abused by others, whatever harm we receive from others, [a couple or words inaudible] all these are result of our past karma, past karma either done this life, or past lives, it’s all result of that, so, say, it’s all result of that, okay.

So that’s why in Bodhicaryavatara, by great bodhisattva Shantideva mentioned [pause], [Tibetan]. So there’s two things, two quotations, okay. These are very useful, very useful if you write down this. Those who have been studying Bodhicaryavatara, lam-rim, you have heard many times, okay.

[Tibetan] Another quotation is, [Tibetan]. So it says, [Tibetan]: In the past, I gave such harm to, such harm means, harm what you receive this time from that person now, referring to that. In the past, I gave such a harm to that person, [Tibetan], Therefore, that sentient being giving me harm, I’m worth, I’m deserved, I’m deserved to receive this harm. I’m deserved to receive this harm. Why? Why? Why, because, you see, deserved because you harmed that person in the past. So this time person’s harming to you, it’s deserved, because you harmed in the past, you see.

So here, what it’s saying is that, you can harm others, you can do anything for others, harm, anything, but, you can’t receive harm from others. That’s what our ego thinks; that’s what our ego thinks; that’s what our ego thinks. So totally unreasonable. I can harm others, past life, this life, but others can’t harm me. So this is what ego, this is what ego think like that, selfish mind, selfish mind, selfish mind, anger, you see. Others can’t harm me, so totally doesn’t make sense.

So, so, here, you see, so therefore, here, Shantideva is saying, great bodhisattva, great saint, so [Tibetan], In the past, I gave such a harm to other sentient beings, [Tibetan], such a harm. [Tibetan] So that sentient being giving me harm, this, I am deserved to receive this harm.

So then, when you think that, when you think of the reality, when you think of the reality, the evolution of how this harm came from that person to me [snaps fingers], whatever it is, abuse or [still snapping fingers] cheating, whatever, you see, so, so you see, so you don’t get angry. So, when you think of the reality, evolution of this, how it come, then no anger, anger, even if there was anger before, stopped immediately [snaps fingers], so there’s great peace in your heart.

Then the other one, then the other one, you see, [Tibetan] My karma persuaded that person, my karma persuaded to that sentient being, [Tibetan] Therefore, I receive this harm. My karma persuaded, therefore I receive this harm. [Tibetan] So, my karma, first my karma persuaded, means harm to that person, okay, so because of that, then that person, that sentient being, animal or human, whoever it is, gave harm to me this life, okay. So, that means, that sentient being did harm, that sentient being did harm to you, the sentient being, okay. [Tibetan] So I receive harm. I receive harm.

By that, didn’t I make that sentient being to lose in the hole of the hell, in the hole of the hell, you see.

So means, [Tibetan] so, in the hole of the hell, didn’t I make that sentient being to lose? So what it’s saying is that your karma, it persuaded means harmed to that person, okay, in the past. So then, then, because of that, this sentient being harmed to you, therefore, you receive harm this life. So, so, so that, so that meant, that person, that sentient being, by giving harm to you, cause that sentient being to be born in the hell realm, to be born in the hell realm. So that means, that means, what caused that sentient being to be born in hell realm is by me, by me, because that sentient being gave harm to me. Why that sentient being give harm to me is because in the past, I gave harm to that sentient being; my karma persuaded.

So, therefore, this is, so therefore, this quotation is so good, this quotation is, how to develop compassion, when somebody harms you, how to develop compassion back, how to develop compassion. That means stop getting angry, harm others, that. On top of that, on top of that, help, save that sentient being getting reborn in the hell realm. Whatever you can do, see, at least even praying, dedicating merits, for that person, even praying for that person to purify negative karma and to not get reborn in the lower realm, however, so makes to generate compassion to that person, and then, you see, then to do, even dedicate the merits, even pray for that person, whatever you can do, help, or if possible, by talking to that person, whatever, you see, so like that, okay. So like that.

So this is so good to develop compassion within you, with the person who’s harming you, who’s angry to you, who harm you, abuse you, you see, to develop compassion towards that person.

Then, if you develop compassion to that person, what happens, then what happens? Then you achieve enlightenment, then you are able to achieve enlightenment.

If you don’t generate compassion to that person, there’s no enlightenment, there’s no enlightenment, okay. If you harm back, okay, if you don’t practice compassion, if you harm back, then the result, as I mentioned before, you receive harm back from that person to you, from this one act of harm, hundred, thousands of lifetimes, you receive harm back, okay. So, so here, you’re totally foolish, totally foolish, you become totally foolish, because by harming back, you think this is the way to do, you think this is the way to solve the problem, but you create the cause of more problems. By harming back, by harming back this time, you’re creating the cause to receive harm from others, hundred, thousand lifetimes, from this one act. So, you’re creating cause, actually, you’re creating cause to experience the problem, to receive harm from others, hundred thousand lifetimes, okay, so we have to know that, we have to know that.

So that’s why, so that’s why I want to mention this, in the Eight Verses of Thought Transformation, fifth verses, fifth verses there, Kadampa Geshe Langri Tangpa, When others with negative mind, with jealous mind, not good heart but jealous mind, criticize me, criticize oneself, blame oneself, [Tibetan], so when, out of jealousy, with this motivation no good, out of jealousy, like that, so that means anger, so forth, then, say, harm you, criticize or blame, then, when that happens, [Tibetan], I will practice taking the loss upon me and offer the victory to others, it says; taking the loss upon me, offer the victory to others.

So why, why this practice is coming? Why, in Buddhism, in the lojong, in the Mahayana teaching, why this practice happening? When somebody harms you with a bad heart, not good motivation, jealous mind, then, to take the loss upon you and offer the victory, so why this is mentioned? Why this coming?

Oh, now, the reason you can understand. If you harm back: Oh, ?he’s harm me, harm back, oh, then you’re creating cause to receive harm hundred, thousands of lifetimes from this one act, okay, which I already told. So that’s why the advice here, Kadampa Geshe advice, very smart, very wise, very smart, so somebody _____, somebody, so, means you accept, you take the loss upon yourself, and you offer the victory to others, so, when you do that, so when you do that, what happens to you? Even though the people in the world, ordinary people in the world, who do not know Dharma, who do not know karma, who do not know Dharma, Mahayana teachings, who do not know karma, so they think you’re doing totally, what’s the word? You’re totally ignorant, I mean, totally, huh? Ridiculous. You’re totally, what’s the, that one, you’re totally ridiculous, you’re totally, say [Rinpoche’s trying to find the word for this], anyway, yeah, you’re totally that, you’re totally, that, you know, how to say? Totally what? Huh? Anyway, totally foolish, totally stupid, okay.

But, you know, but you see, what happens, these people in the world who do not know Dharma, do not know karma, this is what they think, but, but here, you become the most wise, you become the most expert, you’re the wise one. Because, here, then, you see, because if you harm back, of course, then you receive harm a hundred, thousand lifetimes, wow, suffer. Okay, now here, here you take the loss on yourself, offer the victory to others, oh, then, you see, it makes them happy, you don’t harm back, makes them happy. Oh, then, then hundred, thousand lifetimes, you will get victory, hundred, thousand lives. If you offer loss to the other, loss, sorry, sorry, loss on yourself, offer victory to others, oh, now you’re creating cause, because it makes them happy, makes them happy, then you get victory. From that one action, [snaps fingers] taking loss, offering victory, from that one act, oh, for hundred, thousand lifetimes, you have victory [snaps fingers], okay, you always win, you have victory, hundred, thousand lifetimes.

But if you harm back, oh, then hundred, thousand lifetimes only harm, no victory, only harm, oh, loss. So that is the reason why, why this practice, why this advice, why this practice coming in Buddhism, the Mahayana teaching, okay.

So, anyway, so thinking long-term happiness, not just thinking, this advice, this advice is based on reincarnation, karma, happiness of all the future lives, then, not only this, then liberation from samsara, ultimate happiness, liberation from samsara, all the suffering, then enlightenment, okay, so, by practicing this, you have all this result, wow. Then you liberate numberless sentient beings from ocean of samsara, then bring to enlightenment, wow, can you imagine; you the one person bring numberless beings from the hell, hungry ghosts, _______ to enlightenment, wow, from this action, you see: taking the loss on yourself, offering victory to others, see, from act. So, so like that.

So, what the common people in the world, what they think, you see, because do not know, don’t understand karma, don’t understand reincarnation, karma, all these things, so they think only this life, they think only this life, like, say,  it’s like you never think of, you don’t think of your life tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, how many days you have this life, you don’t think of all those happiness, you think only today’s happiness, you don’t, only think today’s happiness. And not only that, then, if somebody harm, we harm back, so you never think of the effect what you have to suffer, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, all those years, so it’s like that.

So, basically, not knowing Dharma, not knowing karma, reincarnation, all that thing. Then, ys, I mean the, no, liberation, and then, enlightenment, not knowing all that, then only thinking this life happiness, only think one life happiness. So if somebody harm, harm back, that’s because of that, thinking of one life, then, anyway, something like that.

So it’s not, completely, completely not logical, totally silly, totally foolish. So that’s why Dharma practice, why come, why Dharma practice is different from what common people think is, you know, dealing with, I mean, when we have difficulties in the life, you see, how to respond, why comes different answer is because of that.

So anyway, how the compassion is the best friend; compassion is the best friend, so never cheat you, compassion never cheat you, never cheat you, it’s the best friend, most reliable friend.

So, so then the, and compassion is also for wealth, bring wealth, success, so like that. When you help others, then that becomes the cause, when you help others, that is cause of your prosperity, food, or money, whatever things that others need, helping, you know, even it’s little, so, then you have success, so much success, the wealth, prosperity.

Then, what else? So however, anyway, so, compassion is most, also powerful purification, compassion, unbelievable powerful purification.

So, you see, so I just mention, many of you heard many times, so just to remember, okay, then I stop there. Sorry, I went on and on.

So the, so like this, you know, Maitreya, Asanga. Asanga did twelve years retreat to try to achieve Maitreya Buddha in the hermitage, so didn’t achieve, he didn’t achieve, didn’t see Maitreya Buddha, okay. He tried to meditate, tried, Maitreya Buddha, to achieve Maitreya Buddha for twelve years, nothing happened.

So only when he left retreat and he came down in the road, and then he saw this dog, he saw this dog, lower part of the body completely filled with infection. I mean the wound, totally filled with maggots. Oh, then he felt so much compassion. Then, you see, then he cut his flesh, from down below here, spread out. Then he, by closing eye, by closing eye, he went to pick up the maggots on the tip of the tongue, on the tip of the tongue to collect the worms, okay. So, he could not touch. So he opened the eye, and then he saw Maitreya Buddha. Only now he saw Maitreya Buddha.

So, what happened is this. So, you see, during those twelve years, strong compassion didn’t happen. What it’s saying is this, didn’t happen, okay. Only when he saw the wounded dog, then strong compassion, then he sacrificed himself, so, cut the flesh from his body, from leg, to collect the maggots, to put there.

So his negative karma, his negative karma blocks to see Maitreya Buddha. It’s Maitreya Buddha but he could not see Maitreya Buddha, you see, it blocked to see Maitreya Buddha, negative karma made him to see a wounded dog, project ordinary view, not even a human being, not even ordinary human being, but dog, wounded dog, even that, wounded dog, so much suffering, negative karma projected this, okay. So, by generating this unbelievable compassion, purified that negative karma, during that time; his unbelievable negative karma purified which projects this wounded dog.

Now, then he see Maitreya Buddha, you see, only now, then he see Maitreya Buddha, oh so like this. It was Maitreya Buddha, but before could not see, because the negative karma obscured his mind, cannot see, only wounded dog, not even ordinary being, not even ordinary human being, but animal, but even the animal is a very suffering one, okay. So that’s completely purified by the compassion. Oh, the strong compassion, okay, sacrificing his life to that dog.

Okay, so then Maitreya Buddha took him in the pure land, Tushita, and then, in one morning, in one morning of that, fifty years, fifty lives, no, fifty years of human world, fifty years, so, Maitreya Buddha gave teaching, [Tibetan] nga, Abhisamayalamkara, and the Uttara Tantra, so forth, [Tibetan] nga, to Asanga. Then Asanga came down in this world, wrote ?Tsa deng nga, so then now, up to now, numberless beings become enlightened, become bodhisattva, become buddha, from Maitreya Buddha’s teaching, they studied that.

Then Lama Atisha integrate into lam-rim, Lamp of the Path to Enlightenment, so, so many people, so many Tibet, many other countries, oh, learned and practice, achieved enlightenment, okay, up to now. So still, in this world, people are attaining realizations, okay. So all this, so all this, can you imagine, benefit of, all these people who are enlightened, even now having realizations, all benefit of Asanga’s compassion generated to this dog, okay, so like that. So can you imagine the benefit.

So, then there’s another story, then I’ll finish my talk, okay.

So the, so then, there happened, in the Vajrayogini teachings, the commentary, see, so there’s great yogi, Nakpo Chopawa, who flies in the sky with many dakinis around. So he’s lay, not monk. So he was going to Odi, a place called Odi in West Bengal, West Bengal, place called Odi, this is near Buxa where I lived eight years. So, he was going for his last practice of tantra there.

Then there was a river, huge river. So there was one lady there, completely leprosy. Due to leprosy disease, pus, blood coming out, unbelievable blood, then the pus, blood come out. So the lady’s waiting there. So she asked him, “Can you take me other side of river?” So he didn’t carry, he just left.

Then later his disciple came, called Getsul Tsembulwa, a monk, young monk who was living in the thirty-six vows, so this lady asked him, “Oh, can you take me other side of the river?”

Then this monk, by seeing her, this monk got unbelievable compassion, unbelievable, so, even though he’s a monk, so this woman, even though he’s a monk, but, and she has leprosy disease, no matter how dirty it is, without any single hesitation, he just grabbed her, carried on his back.

Then when he reached middle of the river, when he reached middle of the river, okay, then, then no longer the impure, ordinary appearance, ordinary appearance that he has, ordinary appearance that which he had before, disappeared, it become the enlightened, female enlightened being, Dorje Phagmo, same Vajrayogini, female enlightened Dorje Phagmo, okay.

So then she took him, without need to die, she took him, with the same body, in the pure land, in the pure land. That means, he become enlightened there. So that means, there’s a possibility he might become enlightened before his guru become enlightened, the yogi, so that.

So now, before, this monk, this is enlightened being, female enlightened being, but could not see enlightened being, Dorje Phagmo, deity. So, the negative karma, heavy negative karma obscured him, obscured his mind, project this ordinary lady filled with the disease, leprosy, pus, blood come out, looking so dirty and awful, okay, so that.

Now, now because he generate unbelievable compassion to her, and he completely, he sacrificed himself to carry her, oh, that purified unbelievable negative karma, which blocks his mind, which obscures his mind, to see that enlightened being, so purified. Even just middle of the river, without need to cross river, that karma finished, now he see enlightened being, all that. So, you can see now, then he achieved enlightenment in the pure land, so it came from his compassion.

So therefore, compassion, see, now, greatest purification, and greatest, I mean, greatest cause of success.

So now, you see, as I mentioned at the beginning, yourself achieve enlightenment, and you to enlighten numberless sentient beings, hell realm, hungry ghosts, animals, human beings, suras, asuras, it’s all from compassion, okay.

So therefore, so, in our life, so, most important thing, most important thing in our life, whatever we know Dharma, so much Dharma, all the Kangyur, Tengyur, and all the Buddha’s teachings, all the Tengyur by pandits, yogis, their teachings, and Tibetan lamas, even you know many thousands of volumes by heart, meaning, or you know just only lam-rim, or just, say, some short lam-rim, so anyway, even you know little Dharma, however, however, here, in the life, most important practice there is compassion, so, you see, in our daily life.

So, you see, whether you’re doing retreat, whether you’re doing retreat, meditating on the path, compassion for sentient beings.

Whether you are, whether you are living family life, living family life at home, children, husband, wife, compassion.

Whether you are working in the office, compassion.

Whether you are being pilot or transportation, driving car, compassion.

Whether you are actress, singing song or actress, compassion.

Whether you are playing in circus, whether you are playing in circus, this, one stand ?on the other, or the walking over the rope, whatever, you see, compassion.

So, whatever life is, you know, whatever life, even doctor, even nurse, whatever job, whatever different thing, compassion, most important thing to live the life with compassion.

King, or president, leader of the world, it’s most important, I mean, compassion.

Then, you see, servant, compassion, then, however, even prostitute, compassion. So even there, compassion, then your life, meaning, then gives meaning to your life, because you’re thinking of the happiness, you’re not thinking your happiness, you’re thinking of happiness of other person. So not self-cherishing thought, you see, thinking of happiness of others. So, so then, then you see, then the action, with the bodhichitta, cherishing others, with good heart, cherishing others, then your action becomes, say, positive, so like that.

So, so you see, whatever different job, whatever lifestyle, compassion, that brings happiness in life, say, not only satisfaction, but great joy, makes you happy, makes you happy, makes all others happy: in the office, family, everywhere, wherever you go, wherever you go, whether you go countryside, or city, wherever.

Yeah, so I think that’s about it. So I think, so, this way, then, when you die, when you die, there’s no fear, worry, so you die with compassion, so, so much happiness, so, so much joy, you see, so even when you die, you die with that thought. So if you die with compassion, if you die with compassion, His Holiness said it’s the best way to die, the self-supporting compassion, so that.

So then, next lives, unbelievable, next lives, wow, will become unbelievable, unbelievable, I mean ten, ?fifteen/fifty times better than this life, wow, great, unbelievable success. Then, also have attainment of realization, okay. So then, able to offer greater and greater benefit to sentient beings, so that.

So I think that’s about it, okay.

There’s one question? If there’s one question? So my talk’s finished, okay.

[Discussion in Spanish among the students.]

Translator (Ven. Paloma): Rinpoche, she would like to know how was your interview with Osel. We want to know something about Osel, how it went with him.

Rinpoche: Now, I was looking for Osel.

No, I think, first, before not. Now he’s taking more responsibility of the organi-, he’s thinking, concerned more of the organization, taking more responsibilities, so this is happening, more concern of the organization, so, which is very good.

So, then, you know, the Maitreya Project, there’s some debts, to pay back those debts, or the, then appreciate, appreciate the, appreciate the directors or the people in the past, many years ago, who worked very hard in the center, so those to have their photos in the office, I mean, at the center, history, at the center. So I guess what, I think you have similar, other, not business, you put their pictures and what they did, I mean, in the West, other, say, business or other organizations in the West you have that, so, so he wants to do that, so wants to happen that, to appreciate those people, many years back, I mean many years ago who worked so hard for the center, in the past, directors, or did, offered service, so to have their picture, story, to appreciate.

So he’s, I think, that shows that he’s very much, his heart is into compassion, that shows his heart is very much into compassion, very much into compassion, you see, so the others, those who did hard works and offered service in the past, so not forget, so that’s very important. So, like that.

So, taking more and more concern of the organization, you know the, taking responsibility.

So, and his heart is very much, I mean, his whole being, his whole, Lama Osel, his whole entire, so I think, you know, ice cream, so everything is made of cream, or milk, you know, everything is made of milk, or cream, so you see, so like that, his whole being is full of compassion, you know, his whole being is compassion, so like this, all that thing, see, the milk, so like that. Even though they’re different shapes, but what it is, is that. So Lama Osel’s whole being, the whole entire thing is compassion, like that.

So, I think, I think, definitely, I have faith, definitely, definitely, great really benefit for the world, benefit for the world, great benefit for the world, I believe, okay.

Okay? So don’t worry. Be happy? Completely okay, so I think, okay, we can say, we should feel that we are fortunate, okay? Thank you. Anything? That’s all? Yeah?

Translator: What is the difference between the suffering of animals and the suffering of person, if there is some difference?

Rinpoche: I never heard that question before. Good question. I never heard that before.

I think, generally the animals, depends on their situation, depends on their situation, generally speaking, they would have more suffering than human being, generally speaking, more suffering than human beings, heavier suffering than human beings, generally speaking.

But it’s the same: their hungry and human beings’ hungry, same, hungry, thirst, feel hot, under the sun hot, same as the human beings.

But sometimes, but sometimes, karma of the, even in the same room, people are living in the same room, same house, same spot, same house, in the same room, one person feels very hot, one person feels very hot. Another person, the others do not feel that much hot, but there’s one person who feels much more hot. So there are like this. Or that person feels very cold, more cold, others they don’t feel that much cold. So there are like that. So that explains karma, karma, even among human beings.

So the animals, so, not always same, but they can have heavier suffering, but that doesn’t mean all the animals same, okay. So, same, sometimes they can be much more heavier because less condition for them. We have unbelievable opportunity.

So I was telling the, recent time, when I was traveling, I look at through the airplane to the ocean; the ocean’s blue and look very peaceful. But that’s only if you look at outside. But then I think of inside the ocean. Wow, can you imagine, full of, wow, unbelievable large, those sharks, so many animals, large ones. And then smallest that you can see through, only through machine, full, under the ocean, wow, and all they eat is each other, so, see, they’re always looking for food, somebody who’s alive, they’re always looking for food, to eat somebody who’s alive. Can you imagine? So, you’re always looking for somebody who’s alive, to eat that, and then, at the same time, then, at the same time, they have great fear, there’s enemy, there’s an enemy, will come to eat you.

So, I mean, you’re looking for food, see, I mean, you eat somebody who’s alive, but, then at the same time, so great fear to escape, because there’s somebody, they’re full of enemies, come to eat; wherever you are, they’re full of enemies, come to eat you. Can you imagine? Always like this. Always like that.

So we, human beings, wow, I mean, some human beings, there may be enemies want to kill, but, some, but that’s very little. But, we don’t have that. Can you imagine? I mean, eating alive, eating somebody alive, I mean, that, not every human being don’t do that, but, there are human beings who are doing that, but, you don’t have, at the same time, worry, fear, “Oh, somebody’s going to eat me!” you don’t have that, we don’t have that fear. Do you have that fear? Do you have?

So, can you imagine? We are, unimaginable freedom what we have, the happiness what we have, the comfort, happiness, amazing, it’s just compared to the animals, like we’re, like liberated from samsara. We’re not liberated from samsara but it’s like that, compared to the animals, those hell, hungry ghost, we’re like liberated. It’s just unimaginable, what happiness we have, comforts, enjoyments, what we have.

That, say, you don’t have fear that somebody will eat you any time, doesn’t have that. If you are eating some, you’re eating some _______ , some fish, I mean those, say, restaurants, what do call? Crabs, restaurant, then you put in the ______, and then you watch which one to eat.

Anyway, so, we are unbelievable, incredible freedom, so much enjoyments, so much happiness, so much enjoyment, freedom, comfort, wow, doesn’t have this unbelievable fear, woa, and then so much choice in what you want, okay.

So, therefore, so therefore, we have this most precious human body, this incredible joy, happiness, oh, if you don’t practice Dharma, can you imagine, if we don’t make our life meaningful, useful for others, if we don’t practice Dharma, don’t, to transform our mind into Dharma, the total peace, renunciation, the total peace, inner peace and happiness, then the bodhichitta, right view, the root of the path, guru devotion, then the tantric path, wow, if we don’t get, see, especially bodhichitta, so if we don’t meditate, if we don’t achieve this realization, can you imagine, that you can achieve any happiness what you want, you can achieve, including enlightenment, then you can cause to achieve, you can cause numberless sentient beings to achieve all the happiness, wow, so, if you don’t practice Dharma, it’s the most, most ignorant, most foolish, most ignorant, most foolish, that’s what it is, most cheating, most cheating oneself, most cheating, so that’s what it is.

So if you don’t practice Dharma now, when will you practice Dharma? When it will happen, when will it happen to have this realization of bodhichitta, when? So very difficult to say.

So, then, say, then difficult to receive such this precious human body, especially a perfect human body, in the future, so difficult, extremely.

So then, once we get in the lower realms, then, eons, eons, not sure when you can come back. Even just enough to be human being, just enough to be human, not talking about eight freedoms, ten endowments, eighteen qualities, without talking that, perfect human body, not even, what we have now. But just enough to be a human being, extremely, extremely rare, difficult, because from intermediate state, how many sentient beings get reborn in the hell realm it’s like the number of dust of this earth. How many sentient beings get reborn the hungry ghosts, it’s like the sand grains of the Pacific Ocean. How many sentient beings get reborn from intermediate state to the animals, like the grass growing on the mountain, everywhere, uncountable, so that. So the, how many from intermediate state get reborn human being is very little number, just to be human being, because that has to come from virtue, only virtue, and [gap in recording] morality, having practiced pure morality in the past, now ______ human being. So therefore, it’s very little number.

Now most rare, perfect human rebirth, which you have received now, which has eighteen qualities, that you can achieve, even in each, every second of life, even every second, you see, you can achieve the happiness of future lives, because you can create the cause, you can achieve everlasting happiness, liberation from samsara, because you can create the cause of that, even in one second. Then you can achieve enlightenment, because you can, even in one second, you can generate bodhichitta, can create the cause for enlightenment. So even in each second of this life, you can create, you can achieve, you can create the cause, happiness all the future lives, liberation from samsara, enlightenment, just amazing.

So this perfect human rebirth, this perfect human rebirth is the most, what we have now, it’s the most rare, so, in every second, this perfect human rebirth, in every second, this perfect human rebirth, it’s much more precious, much, much more precious, all your wish-fulfilling, this human rebirth, every second, fulfilling all your wishes for happiness, as I mentioned before. And, not only your happiness up to enlightenment, but you fulfill the wishes of all sentient beings’ happiness up to enlightenment.

So, this human body, your human body, what you can do is that. So this is much more precious, this human body is much more precious in every second, than sky filled with diamond, gold, it is nothing, filled with the wish-granting jewel, jewel that most precious one, external possessions, most precious, whatever you pray, you can get, any material possessions, any material comfort, material possessions, you can get if you pray, the wish-granting jewel.

So, now, now this one, the perfect human rebirth we ?are ?able to achieve now, can achieve, each second, happiness of future life, ?stop rebirth, then stop samsara, get liberation. Then, stop even lower nirvana and achieve enlightenment. But the jewel, but if you don’t have a human rebirth, even you own sky, whole sky filled with wish-granting jewel, cannot, cannot achieve a good rebirth next life, cannot achieve liberation from samsara, just having that alone, cannot achieve enlightenment, but without having one single jewel, without having one single dollar, but if you have this perfect human rebirth, by practicing Dharma, you can achieve all this happiness, so like that. So this is how it’s so precious, this.

So, okay, so maybe we stop there, okay.

So thank you very much, for everybody, thank you so much, so, my advice is there in those talks, okay, so to practice Dharma.

...merits, and due to all the past, present and future merits collected by me, three-time merits collected by others, may Lama Yeshe, whose holy name is extremely rare to express, Lama Yeshe, kinder than all the three-time buddhas, all the holy wishes he had to be actualized, that the Organization to be able to accomplish that.

Then Lama Osel Rinpoche, to have a long life, free from the life, any obstacles, okay, life obstacles.

...Then, next one is, the thought transformation practice, so to achieve enlightenment for sentient beings, to liberate numberless sentient beings from oceans of samsaric suffering, to bring to enlightenment, then need, say the, say, need to exchange oneself for others, therefore, we pray: Whatever suffering sentient beings have, may it be ripened to me; whatever happiness, merits I have, may it be ripened towards all the numberless hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals, human beings, suras, asuras, intermediate state beings, all the sentient beings, okay.

Dro wäi dug ngäl gang chi rung….

Then, the abbreviation, the King of Prayers, bodhisattva Samantabhadra prayer, okay: I dedicate all the merits to be able to follow holy extensive deeds of bodhisattvas Samantabhadra, Manjugosha, as they realize. I dedicate all the merits in the same way three-time buddhas dedicate their merits. [pause]

Then, due to all the three-time merits collected by oneself, by others, then able to actualize Lama Tsongkhapa’s teaching within oneself, then one’s own family members, then, in the hearts of all the students in the FPMT organization, all the supporters, all the benefactors who help the center, then, different projects, and so many people in Spain, and then many different, world, so many people who sacrifice their life to the organization, to benefit for sentient beings, teaching of Buddha, so all those people, say, meet Lama Tsongkhapa teaching, and then those people who rely upon me, whose name is given to me, who rely upon me, then including those, all the sentient beings in this world, and all other sentient beings who are in all the universes, then meet Lama Tsongkhapa’s teaching, actualize, and that way flourish Lama Tsongkhapa’s teaching in this world and spread in all the directions.

Chhö kyi gyäl po tsong kha päi…. Dag dang zhän gyi dü sum dang….

So there’s a Buddha’s relic, given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Maitreya Project, so that one, that one is here, I brought for you to see and to get blessing. So when you see the relic, when you see the relic each time, it purifies, when you see Buddha’s relic, it purifies 1,000 eons of negative karma. So you pray to Buddha’s relic, that, remember kindness of Buddha, all these teachings that makes our life most meaningful, opportunity to achieve the ultimate happiness, the liberation from samsara and achieve enlightenment for sentient beings, and able to liberate numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering, and bring to enlightenment. So that’s Buddha’s kindness. So remember Buddha’s kindness, okay.

Then pray that to achieve the whole path to enlightenment as quick as possible, as Buddha has attained, and then liberate numberless sentient beings from oceans of samsara, bring to enlightenment as quick as possible. So pray that, okay, so then it’s very, very meaningful that.

So why Buddha manifested relic is for us sentient beings. We don’t have karma to see the Buddha, Buddha in that aspect, but we have karma to see the relics, so Buddha manifested into relic for us, okay, to achieve enlightenment, and plant seed of enlightenment, so that, okay.

Then there’s a statue of Buddha, there’s a statue of Buddha, this is given to me by His Holiness the Dalai Lama last year, last year or year before, at Dharamsala, and he said to keep it. So this is, your taking blessing from this, that, believe that you, same blessing from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, so very precious.

Okay, so that’s it. So thank you very much, everybody, okay. Thanks so much.