Teaching the Good Heart

Teaching the Good Heart

Date of Advice:
January 2021
Date Posted:
January 2021

Rinpoche advised that teaching the good heart is the most important education for children. By practicing the good heart, they will bring peace and happiness to others throughout their lives. This advice is excerpted from a long letter which you can read here

My dear one,
Regarding the school, we need to develop the students’ education but not only in the subjects that a normal school has; the real education is the good heart. We need to teach the good heart and the students need to practice the good heart right now. Not in their next life or when they become old, not like that, but right now! It is so important for them to practice the good heart at school with the other students and back home with their parents. That is the most important education.

If they grow up with a good heart, instead of harming others they will offer benefit to others, even to animals. In this way, all their wishes for happiness will succeed more and more, they won’t feel all the problems they experience, and their problems will become less and less. They will have so much happiness in their lives as they grow up.

During this life, they will be able to give happiness to their families and to the people at the school, and later on they will be able to give happiness to everyone and cause them less suffering. Others will get so much happiness from them. That is the real meaning of life—being able to give happiness to others.

Especially when they die, they will have no regrets. Their minds will be very happy and they will have no fear at all. And if they become a leader, such as a minister or president of the country, because they grew up developing a good heart, they will take responsibility for the whole population. However many millions or billions of people there are in the country, they will make an effort to free them from all their problems and suffering and give them happiness.

In this way, people will like them. Everybody will like them very much. If someone has a good heart normally people will like them and want to pray for their success. Everybody wants to help them. Even if they don’t need help, everyone will want to help them. That is normal in the world. Wherever they go, to the city or the countryside, wherever they live, they will bring happiness to people because they have so much good heart. Then, when they become a leader, they will bring unbelievable happiness and peace to the country and to the world.

This is what we should try to achieve. Of course, in their future lives, they will have happiness like the sun shining. In their future lives, things will get better and better, they will be of more and more benefit to others, and all their wishes will succeed. They will have incredible happiness and success in their future lives and they will go to enlightenment.

If there are some teachers in the school who don’t have a good education and who interfere with developing the school, then, with compassion, for the sake of the many children in the school, you may have to dismiss them and find well-educated teachers. You need to do the same in the school as you would for the majority of the people in the country. You may have to do this, otherwise the school cannot get better. It cannot develop. If this happens, there will be problems for all the students. It would not be good if, due to one particular teacher, all the school children didn’t get to improve.

Even if the children and their parents have a poor life, because they have a good heart, their minds will be so happy. That will bring them happiness in their lives, even though they don’t have many material things. His Holiness says that even if we live in a grass house and only have water to drink, if we have a good heart we will be happy. Our life will be so happy.

Of course, in the world, in the Middle East, America and other countries, even those who have a billion, zillion, trillion dollars have unbelievable, unbelievable dissatisfaction. They have so much suffering, more than a beggar. Even though physically they are OK, their dissatisfaction brings a lot of sickness and many problems to their physical bodies as well. This is because they don’t practice the good heart. They don’t practice satisfaction and a happy mind, and they don’t practice patience, contentment and self-discipline. If the self-cherishing thought becomes stronger and stronger, that will make them unhappy throughout their whole life, and, as often happens, when they can’t bear it, they may commit suicide....

Thank you very much. 

Sincerely, from Crazy Zopa