Swayambunath Mountain

Swayambunath Mountain

Date of Advice:
January 2018
Date Posted:
March 2018

A family asked Rinpoche for advice on how to help their child who was unable to speak. Rinpoche suggested that they take the child to Swayambunath in Kathmandu, Nepal.

My most dear, most kind, most precious wish-fulfilling ones,
Regarding your child, what came out is if you are able to bring him to Nepal to go around the Swayambunath mountain—not just the stupa at the top, but the whole mountain. If you can, go around the mountain with him 170 times. This is extremely powerful for purification of negative karma collected from beginningless rebirth. In order to purify as much as possible, it’s best to walk around the mountain. That is the best practice, not only for him to be able to speak, but also to purify negative karma completely and to fully develop, to become enlightened and to enlighten every living being, numberless living beings, from suffering.

If you have the finances and are able to, then you should come to Nepal and do this. If possible, you could come for a month or however long it takes to go around 170 times. If you can, go around the Swayambunath mountain three, four or five times a day or whatever you can manage. Go around it in the early morning, afternoon and evening. It is best if you go around it at least five times each day. This is mainly for purification for your child. The story of the Swayambunath stupa is below, so you can understand how important it is.

There is also one mantra called the Great Wisdom Mantra. The boy’s father needs to recite this mantra five times a day for him. It came out best for the father to recite this mantra for him. It is very beneficial for the son. Think this mantra is like medicine for him.

The Swayambunath mountain is regarded as the mandala of the deity Heruka, the enlightened being. It contains a stupa that first appeared when Kathmandu was covered by a lake. The Buddha predicted that there would be a naturally appearing stupa—not handmade—coming on the mountain. It was the manifestation of all buddhas’ holy mind, the dharmakaya, in the form of a stupa.

The stupa appeared on the lake then it was covered by dust over time and became a mountain. That stupa is all the buddhas’ wisdom and it is in that mountain, so when you circumambulate, you are circumambulating all the buddhas’ holy mind, the dharmakaya, in the form of a stupa. Not only are you circumambulating all the stupas and statues—however many there are on the mountain from the original time, hundreds and thousands of years ago—but also the new ones. All the prayer wheels are supposed to have a hundred thousand mantras inside. There are also many stupas and in each stupa there are many tsa tsas and mantras, so it is unbelievable. Therefore, circumambulating the mountain collects huge merit and becomes very powerful purification.

Swayambunath is incredible, most precious. Nothing else like this exists in the world. The Tibetan text, the Kangyur, mentions in particular Langri Ruden, the mountain where the Buddha predicted that Kathmandu would be full of water like a lake, with a crystal stupa appearing from the lake. The stupa was not made by a person but was a manifestation of the dharmakaya.

The Buddha actually mentioned this in the Kangyur. The Buddha predicted it in this text. It’s unbelievable, unbelievable. I had this text translated many years ago into Nepali to offer to the king and all the ministers, but it didn’t happen. I didn’t know how to offer it directly. One monk mentioned to have a party and then give them the books, but I didn’t do that yet.

The crystal stupa was covered by earth and then it became Swayambunath mountain. The text said that Nagarjuna’s hair was sprinkled around and it became trees. There is a similar story about the trees at Reting Monastery in Tibet. Higher beings see the trees differently; all the trees are manifestations [of dharmakaya], not ordinary trees.

So many great beings and yogis came to do full-length prostrations around the Swayambunath mountain, starting at three or four in the morning. Not only ordained people, but also lay practitioners have gone around the mountain for purification and to collect merit. So many great lamas came from Tibet to go around the mountain.

With much love and prayers ...