Support For Stray Dogs in Bhutan

Support For Stray Dogs in Bhutan

Date of Advice:
June 2016
Date Posted:
January 2017

Rinpoche heard about an organization in Bhutan that has rescued more than 1,000 stray dogs. Rinpoche wished to offer six months of food for the dogs, however, the local FPMT center raised most of the money and Rinpoche offered the remainder. Rinpoche sent this thank-you letter to the center. In addition to raising money for dog food, Rinpoche also asked that Namgyalma mantras be placed inside the roof of each of the kennels, so the dogs would be underneath the mantras and would receive purification from them. The center members went to the rescue house and placed the Namgyalma mantras on the roofs of each kennel.

My most dear, most precious, most kind, wish-fulfilling one and everyone,
Thank you very, very much, a billon, zillion, trillion times, to all the students and all the friends especially for your inspiration.

Please tell everyone my billion, zillion, trillion, on and on thanks for the support for the dogs and the lady. I am offering the rest of the money, what is needed.

The Buddha said:

Any sentient being who during the period of my teachings,
Makes charity well (even if the material is the size of a hair)
For 80,000 eons there will be a great result of great enjoyment.
No pain, no disease and enjoyment of happiness
Like that, one will be enriched with the desirable things.
At the end, you can actually achieve the result—the peerless cessation and completion (enlightenment)
After hearing that there is the great result, who wouldn’t want to collect merit?

Please pass this quote and my thanks to everyone. Also please give it to the lady who has the dogs. Say it is from me.

With much love and prayers...