Rinpoche’s Address to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Rinpoche’s Address to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Date Posted:
November 2007

Rinpoche made the following address on the occasion of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s public teachings in Mumbai, India, 2007.

I pay homage to the compassionate Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and to the sangha, and greetings to all the brothers and sisters in the audience.

The Lord Buddha was born in India two thousand five hundred and fifty years ago. He illuminated the great country India with holy Dharma, brought numberless sentient beings to peerless happiness and full enlightenment during his time and up until now, through his innumerable followers, Indian pandits and yogis, and their disciples.

Lord Buddha had made 500 prayers to be in our world during the age of quarrel and strife to guide us. That Lord Buddha who is guiding us directly is you, your Holiness. This is unimaginable, like a dream for us, today, to meet your Holiness, to see your Holiness’s body, and to hear your holy speech and feel your holy mind—endowed with oceans of wisdom and limitless skies of compassion for us sentient beings.

From the bottom of my heart I thank your Holiness for your immeasurable kindness, for this most precious teaching and blessings. Even all the galaxies filled with wish-granting jewels offered for each holy word is never enough to repay your Holiness’s kindness.

Buddha’s teachings contain the unmistaken, complete explanation by reasoning of how to achieve total liberation, by ceasing oceans of suffering of samsara, causes of karma and delusion, and negative imprints, how to achieve full enlightenment, and a complete explanation for developing compassion for all living beings.

So, your Holiness has preserved all the three vehicles of teachings of Lord Buddha.

Western scientists, educated people, non-Buddhists, and other religious people are hungry for Buddha’s teachings today. Every year those learning about Buddhism increases by tens of thousands in the world, making their lives meaningful and achieving peace and happiness in their hearts. People in this world, including us, have this great opportunity because your Holiness is living with us, with greater compassion, loving kindness, and tolerance.

No matter how much the world is filled with disasters, the selfish mind, desire, anger, and as a result, filled with sicknesses, famines, wars, and suicidal bombs, your Holiness has brought peace and happiness to the hearts of millions in this world and brought unity amongst different religious people. For this reason as well, we thank your Holiness for your great kindness.

There is no history of Lord Buddha coming to the western world to teach Dharma, but your Holiness has brought the light of Dharma all over the world. In reality, your Holiness’s kindness to us, in our lives, is greater than Lord Buddha’s and all the numberless Buddhas’.

Buddhism flourished in the Aryaland in the past, so many bodhisattvas and enlightened beings appeared, but then, with the passage of time, it degenerated and then spread in Tibet. Many bodhisattvas and enlightened beings appeared in Tibet and, finally, brought the Dharma back, to return and restore it to the Aryaland India. This is, again, totally owing to the kindness of His Holiness and the Tibetan people, who have sacrificed their lives for hundreds of years actualizing Indian Buddhism.

So, please learn teachings from His Holiness and the Tibetan masters in order to restore Buddhism in Aryaland India, and please help to fulfill all His Holiness’ wishes.

I want to thank all the audience who have taken time to attend this precious teaching.

So, we request His Holiness to have a stable life, and to return here many hundreds of times to give Buddha’s teachings again.