On Retiring

On Retiring

Date Posted:
December 2006

Rinpoche wrote the following to a center director on her retirement.

My most dear one,
Thank you very much for your many years of service, and your dedicated heart. I remember you when I went to Australia for the first time and I was doing retreat in Sydney. I was doing Cittamani Tara retreat, and Roger was my cook, and first thing in the morning he made salt tea that had many bubbles in it. I didn’t say anything until the end of the retreat and then I said that the tea was a little salty. Roger cooked rice and beans every day. Every day it was the same lunch, but I didn’t see any problem with that. Now it may be different. The next door neighbor made noise at 4am, I think they were going on holiday. I think I was having a good time at that time.

I remember that you came for a short time from time to time, just outside; maybe you were shopping, I’m not sure, maybe you were just hanging around. I also remember you in Sydney helping Roger at the university where I was giving a talk. You were carrying loud speakers and arranging things. Anyway, I appreciate very much your kind service and good heart for so many years, especially all your good heart.

Yes, definitely I have the intention to develop the Dharma center and I want to come and lead retreat and things like that, even if a new director comes. Of course, I still need your help at the center. As long as you are there, as long as time permits, I definitely want to see you, to be like the legs and hands and limbs of Milarepa, part of Milarepa’s body.

Don’t worry about whatever happened in the past, even recently. I guess there is some karma from the past between you and the other person. So, just think like that.

I don’t have anyone in particular in mind who can be director. There is one nun, but I haven’t asked her yet if she will do it. I am happy to receive whatever other names you have so that I can check.

With much love and prayers, you are always in my prayers. Thank you very much and I hope your two daughters are well...