Recitations for Legal, Financial and Relationship Problems

Recitations for Legal, Financial and Relationship Problems

Date of Advice:
October 2013
Date Posted:
March 2021

A student wrote to Rinpoche for advice about a legal case, as well as financial and relationship difficulties.

My very dear one,
I am sorry for the many eons of delay in replying to your email.

I checked about your situation and I will recite the Mantra Promised by Tara four times, for you and your partner. I will also recite the Sutra of Burning Wheel for your partner. It is a powerful prayer to pacify obstacles.

Your partner should recite the Heart Sutra, the Lion-Faced Dakini practice and the Most Secret Hayagriva mantra, as many as possible. Your partner should also recite Padmasambhava mantras, as many as possible, and it’s very good if you display Padmasambhava’s picture or thangka.

Recite the Tea Offering to the Eight Classes (degyä), the worldly protectors, seven times.

With much love and prayers ...