Purifying the Negative Karma of Abortion

Purifying the Negative Karma of Abortion

Date of Advice:
May 2014
Date Posted:
April 2015

A student wrote that she’d had two abortions and could not stop thinking that she had killed her unborn babies. She was very regretful and worried about what had happened to her babies. She also suffered from depression and had attempted suicide. Rinpoche gave the following advice.

My very dear one,
I checked regarding your question. For purification read the Sutra of Golden Light 300 times. There are three versions—elaborate, medium and short. You can recite the short version, but also the middle and long one. Whichever version you read, you can count.

The other thing that came out to purify negative karma is going for pilgrimage to Nepal and circumambulating the Swayambhunath mountain. This is [the mandala of] Heruka, the enlightened being, the deity mandala; it is regarded as the Heruka mandala and it contains a stupa that appeared when Kathmandu was covered by a lake. Buddha predicted that there would be a naturally appearing stupa—not made by hand—coming on the mountain. It is the manifestation of all the buddhas’ holy mind, the dharmakaya, in the form of a stupa. It came on the lake, then that stupa was covered by dust over time and became a mountain.

That stupa is all the buddhas’ wisdom and it is in that mountain, so when you circumambulate, you are circumambulating all the buddhas’ holy mind, the dharmakaya, in the form of the stupa. Not only that, you are circumambulating all the stupas and statues, however many there are on the mountain, from original time, hundreds and thousands of years ago, then also the new ones. All the prayer wheels are supposed to have a hundred thousand mantras inside, then there are many stupas and in each stupa there are so many tsa-tsas and mantras, so it is unbelievable. So circumambulating the mountain collects huge merit and becomes very powerful purification. This is only if you can come to Nepal.

Also, recite the Vajra Cutter Sutra 500 times. When I am in Nepal you can come and I can give you the lung, the oral transmission of the Vajra Cutter Sutra. If you receive the oral transmission, then if you recite the sutra one time it is like reciting it 100 times. Or if I am Hong Kong, then I can do it there.

So that is unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable, most unbelievable purification of all the negative karmas and collecting so much merits, so you should be always rejoicing reading the Vajra Cutter Sutra and the Golden Light Sutra.

If you can, try to recite the Vajra Cutter Sutra each day. If you can, finish at least one each day, or if you can, do more, like two or three, if not then do one. If that is difficult you can do half and then do half the next day, so you can finish within two days. So you can count, keep count in a notebook and write down how many you have done.

The main meditation for you to study is Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand. When you travel, carry it with you. This is the main book for you. Attached is my advice on daily practice.

It’s also very important to do Vajrasattva practice with the remedy of the four [opponent] powers. Then every day one’s negative karma gets purified, it doesn’t multiply the next day. If some heavy negative karma doesn’t get purified, then it multiplies day-by-day. When it gets purified, then the karma becomes smaller. 

With much love and prayers...