Precious Chenrezig Statue in Garsha

Precious Chenrezig Statue in Garsha

Date of Advice:
July 2013
Date Posted:
December 2022

Rinpoche dictated this message for a sign that was to be placed in front of a self-arising Compassion Buddha statue located in Garsha, Lahaul-Spiti district, India.

The compassion of all the buddhas in self-form, the actual Arya Compassionate Eye Looking One, manifested in this stone statue under the control of great compassion for us sentient beings. The reason for this is because we sentient beings are hallucinating samsaric suffering as pleasure and therefore give rise to the three poisonous minds and so forth.

The I, the aggregates and all phenomena do exist, but don’t truly exist. The wrong concept, the ignorance holding the I and the aggregates to be truly existent is the root of samsara, and also the self-cherishing thought, because of this we sentient beings always suffer.

The Compassionate Buddha loves us sentient beings much more than parents extremely love their child and therefore specially guides us from suffering and leads us to the omniscient state of buddhahood, the peerless happiness, the state of the fully knowing mind.

Therefore, this statue is extremely precious and we should make prostrations, offerings and prayers to it as much as possible.

Pray, for example, not just to be liberated yourself from the oceans of samsaric suffering but to immediately achieve the state of the highly transcended Compassionate Eye Looking One, who is enriched with complete control over the three worlds, three realms and samsara to liberate the sentient beings of the six realms right now, quicker and quicker, from the oceans of suffering of samsara and bring them to the fully completed purified and realized state, (full enlightenment), the peerless happiness.

Arya Nagarjuna said:

Like a wish-granting jewel
May I fulfill all the desires of all sentient beings,
And like a wish-granting tree
May I fulfil all the hopes of sentient beings.

It is said that any prayer made in the presence of this statue of the Arya Compassionate Eye Looking Buddha and the one who brought the Arya Compassionate Eye Looking One from the mountain lakes, the great holy being who has shown the aspect of a shepherd and absorbed to the stone, will succeed.

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