Practices for Teenager’s Mental Health

Practices for Teenager’s Mental Health

Date of Advice:
September 2013
Date Posted:
June 2021

A student wrote about his teenage daughter who had become violent. The aggressive behavior had started when she was eight or nine and was becoming unbearable. She had been hospitalized twice for suicidal thoughts and violent episodes, and had self-harmed on various occasions.

Dear one,

Rinpoche checked for a long time and a number of practices and pujas came out:

  • Mantra Promised by Tara: three times. Rinpoche will recite this.
  • Hayagriva tsog kong puja: to be done by Sera Je Hayagriva monks. [Make] offering to the monks and also for the torma.
  • White Umbrella Deity prayer (Tib: Dukkar; Skt: Sitatapatra): six times. Rinpoche did this last night.
  • Bum chung: twelve times. To be read by Tsering.
  • Lü dang tsag gi don drol (Liberation from the harm of nagas and landlords puja). Your daughter needs to be present for the practice.
  • Gektor (Torma offering to harmful spirits): Rinpoche will do this.
  • Gye tong pa (8,000-verse Prajnaparamita): To be done by Kopan Lama Gyupas.
  • Black Manjrushri and White Umbrella and numbers protection amulets: I will send these.
  • Lion-faced Dakini practice: You and your wife should do this for the next fifteen days. It’s best if your daughter can do it too.