Practices for Hepatitis C

Practices for Hepatitis C

Date Posted:
August 2009

A student with Hepatitis C wrote asking for advice on which practices she should do.

My very dear Joan,
I am sorry for the very long delay. I checked what practices and things you can do:

 1. Take Geshe Lama Konchog Nagcho pill four times a day for one month. Practice Most Secret Hayagriva – take the initiation, and do the retreat if possible.

 2. Every day recite 11 malas of Most Secret Hayagriva, with meditation (you can do this even if you haven’t taken the initiation, but you can’t visualize yourself as the deity, you visualize the deity in front).

 3. It is very good if you can take the precious pill called Rinchen Yu-Nying 25. You need to take two a week for five weeks.

I am also making prayers for you, and the Sangha in my house are making dedications for you during animal liberations and when they are making long life tsa-tsas each day.

With much love and prayers...