Practices to Avert Financial Ruin

Practices to Avert Financial Ruin

Date of Advice:
June 2018
Date Posted:
September 2019

A family was facing financial ruin. They were in debt and were losing the house they were renting. Although they had been reciting sutras the situation had not changed.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Boudha Stupa, Nepal, 2017. Photo: Bill Kane.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling ones,
Please recite the Vajra Cutter Sutra seventy times. This is to be recited by both of you. Of course do all the recitations with bodhicitta, to purify past negative karma and the causes of being in samsara, to achieve enlightenment for sentient beings quickly, and to free sentient beings from samsara and bring them to enlightenment quickly.

This will help you stay on at the house. I checked on that and it seems maybe it can be of some help for that, according to my observation.

Please read this advice for a happy life, which explains the importance of the good heart and is even for non-believers. In order to help people we don't have to sponsor big pujas. The advice is for everyday life and explains how to live our life. It is a very important answer.

If you both can, recite the longest Chenrezig mantra and OM MANI PADME HUM as much as possible and continue your life reciting the longest Chenrezig mantra. This is basically for enlightenment and to enlighten sentient beings and then, by the way, it takes care of your life.

You mentioned having read the sutras and you said it didn't help, however, you collect unbelievable merit by reciting them, but the karmic obstacle has already ripened and is big, therefore it has not lifted yet.

That [negative] karma has already happened, but you collected inconceivable merits by reading those sutras. Don’t think that it didn’t benefit, because thinking that would cause you to lose those merits.

Please also read my advice on lojong, how to think when experiencing difficulties.

With much love and prayers ...