Practice Advice for a Teeenager

Practice Advice for a Teeenager

Date Posted:
August 2009

A 17-year-old girl, who grew up in a retreat center in the USA, came to meet Rinpoche. Afterwards, Rinpoche sent her this message.

My very dear Jennifer,
How are you? My attendant is going to send you his copy of Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, so please read a little bit each day. Anything that you don’t know, ask the friend you are staying with. It is a good opportunity to learn Dharma. Write down all the things you don’t know as you go through. It is very important to think this way while you are reading and relate it to yourself. In this way, it becomes meditation. It leaves extensive positive imprints on your mental continuum. From that comes all happiness, all the realizations of the path, liberation, and enlightenment. In other words, this is the way you create enlightenment. Why enlightenment? Because we have the responsibility to liberate and enlighten all suffering beings, who are numberless.

With big love and prayers,

Lama Zopa

PS. After reading this book, Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, then it would be very good to study the Lam-rim Chen-mo written by Lama Tsongkhapa. This is an incredible way to study Dharma.

Live your life as much as possible with a good heart, benefiting all sentient beings.