Phobias and Delusions

Phobias and Delusions

Date of Advice:
October 2013
Date Posted:
May 2022

A student wrote that a friend’s daughter had been suffering from phobias and delusions. Rinpoche advised these practices.

Rinpoche said:

  • White Umbrella Deity (Tib: Dukkar): To be recited sixty times by the Kopan monks. You can email Kopan to arrange this. Make sure to give her name and explain the details a little for their dedication. Kopan will let you know the cost.
  • Khorlo Barwa mantra (Burning Wheel mantra): To be recited ten times by Kopan monks
  • Thirteen Chakra: To be recited ten times by Kopan monks.

Please ask Kopan to make strong prayers for her.