Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Date of Advice:
January 2013
Date Posted:
April 2019

Rinpoche gave this advice to a student who always felt nervous and was having panic attacks. The student had a frail nervous system and was very sensitive to caffeine and different foods.

My very dear one,
Whether a problem involves humans or spirits, basically it caused by one’s own karma. This is what you need to have done:

1. Che trul (Liberating from harm puja)

2. Mamo trü kang

3. Ga gön puja. This is a short blessing for protection.

4. You should also recite one mala of the Most Secret Hayagriva mantra each day. If you haven't had the initiation you can visualize Most Secret Hayagriva in front and still recite the mantra. If you've had the initiation, you can visualize yourself as the deity. Red light is sent out from Most Secret Hayagriva, totally burning all disease, negative karma, spirit harm and obscurations. You become filled with limitless skies of qualities of Hayagriva’s holy body, speech and mind, especially omniscience, great compassion and perfect power.

Any uncomfortable thing is the experience of past negative karma, which means being more careful about [not] creating negative karma and trying to live creating good karma, practicing Dharma, which will result in more happiness and less problems.

Remember the advice of Kadampa Geshe Kharag Gomchung:

This present little suffering purifies my past negative karma and then there will be happiness in the future. Therefore, rejoice in the suffering.

Also use it to practice bodhicitta. Think: “I have been praying to receive all sentient beings’ suffering, so now I have received it. I’m experiencing this suffering on behalf of all sentient beings.”

This is the main thing to try to think. In that way, suffering becomes happiness; it’s transformed into happiness and is no longer suffering. It becomes the cause of enlightenment and the cause of the happiness of all sentient beings.

With much love and prayers ...