Operation to Remove Colon

Operation to Remove Colon

Date of Advice:
March 2015
Date Posted:
August 2019

A student needed an operation to remove the colon and asked Rinpoche if it was beneficial to have it done in the next three to six months or if there were obstacles. The student asked if there was a puja or practice for the operation to be successful.

My most dear, precious, kind, wish-fulfilling one,
I am sorry for the long delay. I checked and the operation doesn’t come out in my observation, even in six or ten months.

One treatment that does come out well is Tibetan medicine. You could go to Dharamsala and see a Tibetan doctor there.

Another possibility is seeing a Kopan nun who has finished studying Tibetan medicine in Dharamsala and has been working in south India near Bylakuppe and Nagarjuna’s cave for a few years. She has been very successful and is even able to cure some people with cancer. She is now travelling around Indian hospitals giving treatments. Indians now highly respect Tibetan medicine; they don’t call it Tibetan medicine but His Holiness’ medicine. So it comes out very good if you can come and see this Kopan nun, who is quite good in her treatment.

Practices and pujas to be done
  • Print Amitayus Long Life Sutra: fifty times.
  • Take the long-life initiation.
  • Chanting the Names of Manjushri (Skt: Arya manjushri nama samgi): fifty times. The Kopan Lama Gyupas can recite it, but you have to really make sure when they do it.
  • Lu zong puja: five times. Make the form with dough and then give it to the spirits on his behalf.
  • Long-life tsa tsas (the three long-life deities): have eighty of these made for you.

You should recite this mantra: OM VAJRAPANI HAYAGRIVA GARUDA HUM PHAT. [This is the Vajrapani-Hayagriva-Garuda mantra for clearing inner, outer and secret obstacles, especially spirit harm.] On Vajrapani’s head is the horse head of Hayagriva and on top of that is Garuda. Think all of these are deities, not just animals. Recite the mantra and visualize nectar beams emitted from the deity on your crown or in front of you. Nectar comes from the deity, out of compassion for you. It enters your body and totally purifies the negative karma created since beginningless rebirth. The sickness and spirit harms are totally purified. You can do that strongly. The motivation should not just be to purify the disease because that doesn’t become Dharma. If it’s done with bodhicitta it becomes not only Dharma but the cause of enlightenment.

With much love and prayers ...