Opening the Wisdom Eye

Opening the Wisdom Eye

Date of Advice:
September 2017
Date Posted:
April 2020

In this letter to the director of a school, Rinpoche advises the importance of helping children develop wisdom and compassion, so they can bring happiness and benefit to other sentient beings.

Mount Everest Centre students at Lawudo Retreat Centre, Nepal, 1974.

My most dear most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling one,
How are you? Thank you very much a billion, zillion times for being director of the school and for guiding the children. That is the most important thing, to help children grow as much as possible in Dharma, with Dharma understanding, with new eyes, with their wisdom eye opened, their Dharma wisdom eye opened, so they grow up with more understanding about the mind and karma and basic Buddhism in their life.

Of course Buddhism is differentiated from other religions by compassion for every sentient being, not only our family or our friends, and it's especially important for the children to develop that, to grow up with that in their life. With that development it is the best life, so when that happens then naturally they will not harm others and on top of that they will be able to benefit others.

How is the school going now? Every time I come there I want to teach something at the school.

I often think the school is very, very important because the children’s education is opening the wisdom eye, opening the new eye. It’s so important and through that they are able to help the rest of people in the country in the future and to help the people in the world, and the six-realm sentient beings, so they can bring happiness to all sentient beings up to enlightenment.

Please enjoy these cards. You can send them to your friends or to anybody in the six realms.

Thank you very much ...