Obstacles to a New Gompa 

Obstacles to a New Gompa 

Date Posted:
October 2012

A center director was building a new gompa, but there were many obstacles. Rinpoche checked and gave the following advice.

The Padmasambhava prayer Sampa Lhundrup needs to be done fifty times at Kopan.

Also, there is a very important mantra of Ganapati that you need to recite at least fourteen times a day. Generate bodhicitta motivation before reciting the mantra each day, so you are doing the practice for the benefit of all sentient beings. The Buddhist aspect of Ganapati is a manifestation of Chenrezig.

Then the last thing to do is the Padmasambhava prayer to eight goddesses (Verses for the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones).

When doing something very beneficial for sentient beings, there are always many obstacles. We need to expect this.