My Feet Belong to Sentient Beings

My Feet Belong to Sentient Beings

Date of Advice:
October 2016
Date Posted:
December 2019

Rinpoche wrote this message to a student who asked about his feet, as Rinpoche had hurt his ankle.

I think my feet are a little better. Don't worry. My feet are supposed to be all sentient beings’ feet, but because of my self-cherishing thought, that does not allow me to think that way completely. I think my feet are only mine.

Of course I have offered during tonglen meditation and I even offered to the guru during the mandala offering. As you know in the mandala offering you offer your body completely. Your body is offered, not only your feet, not only the toes.

So, like that, it is the same with money in the bank, even one dollar. Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee.