The Most Important Practice

The Most Important Practice

Date of Advice:
August 2018
Date Posted:
April 2019

A student wrote to confess that they had distanced themselves from Rinpoche and FPMT for many years, and wanted to reconnect. Rinpoche recommended The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness (Including Enlightenment), an essential daily practice.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Root Institute, India, January 2009. Photo: Ven. Roger Kunsang.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling one,
Thank you very much for reminding me of all the activities that happened in the past. Thank you very much for any merit I collected by meeting you. I dedicated that to you, so that your life may be most meaningful and beneficial for every single creature, for all sentient beings—the numberless hell beings, hungry ghosts, all the animals, including the tiniest flies, those in the grass that run away when you walk there, and all the tiniest worms, anywhere, in any universe, even those under the earth; and those that human beings don’t see, in any universe, the numberless human beings, suras and asuras—so that you may achieve enlightenment as quickly as possible, in order to free the sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and bring them to enlightenment as quickly as possible. I dedicated for that.

At the moment I am here in Washington State, and I am well. Soon I will go to Portland to the Maitripa College there and I will do the lung of the Prajnaparamita Eight Thousand Verses and other teachings. Then I will go to Boston to do initiations and teachings, the seven-point thought transformation, then I will go to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, and then Singapore, Europe, south India and Nepal.

However, the most important thing—I am not a holy being, but as you received Dharma connection from me, yes, as I am your guru—sorry, so I want to request you to do this practice first thing in the morning: The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness (Including Enlightenment). This is the most important thing.

By doing the practice, this transforms your life, sorry to say this, from kaka into gold, from iron into a wish-granting jewel for the sentient beings.

It would be so good if you could do this practice every morning—it brings light into this world, not only this world but the six realms. You bring light in this way, like the sun shining in the world.

I hope to meet you somewhere. This practice is the most important practice, so even if we meet in this life or the next life, whenever, doing this practice is the most important thing.

I have met your daughter almost every time I’ve come to that area. She has come many times and she still looks the same, but I didn’t have much time to talk when we met.

With much love and prayers to all the family ...