The Merit of Working at the Center

The Merit of Working at the Center

Date Posted:
July 2011

Rinpoche was writing a small email to one center director recently, and then said that actually his message can be for all center, project or service directors.

My most dear wish-fulfilling directors,
Your work at the center is fulfilling His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s wishes, who is the sole object of refuge of all us sentient beings of the six realms, as well as fulfilling the wishes of Lama Yeshe and myself, no question.

Every hour, day, minute you work at the center as director you collect extensive merits and purify many eons of negative karma and defilements, and it brings you closer to enlightenment, minute by minute.

It is said by Sakya Pandita:

“One thousand eons that one has collected merits by making charity of one’s own body, head and legs and hands,
And even if that merit is dedicated towards sentient beings,
All that merit is condensed in one second by practicing the Guru’s path.”

Nagarjuna said:

“Abandon all the other offerings, only make the offerings to the Guru.”

Nagarjuna is saying this because it is emphasizing that when you make offerings to the guru—for example offering one tiny drop of scented water on the tip of a needle to one pore of the gurus, so here it is very, very tiny—if you do that then you collect far greater merit than having made offerings to numberless Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, statues, stupas and scriptures. It is the greatest, highest merit. That is why Nagarjuna said to abandon all the other offerings and attempt to make offerings to the gurus.

Thank you very much. Please enjoy your life, and always have a meaningful life as much as possible.

With much love and prayers...