Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Date of Advice:
May 2014
Date Posted:
April 2015

A student wrote about her health and practices. She had Lyme disease. She also listed her practices and asked if she could reduce them, due to lack of time.

My very dear one,
I am very sorry I fell asleep during my meeting with you.

I checked regarding your main deity to achieve enlightenment quickest in order to enlighten all sentient beings the quickest, and it came out that Cittamani Tara is your main deity. So when possible you can take Cittamani Tara initiation and later do the retreat and study the commentary. David Gonsalez has translated the commentary. I also tried to translate some of it and Ven. Pemo has, but it’s not finished.

Regarding your question about Lama Chöpa, the only way is to get up earlier. Start with The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness (Including Enlightenment), so begin the day with that, also the mantras and blessing speech, etc.

If you are able to get up earlier, then do Lama Chöpa, which is one session of the Six-session Guru Yoga. If you can do that, then you are an incredibly, most lucky person. Already you are a most lucky person, very stable in your practice.

This is what needs to happen for Lyme disease:

  • You need Dro mo yul do. This is an extensive puja, with Tara thread mandala, it involves a lot. It came out best for the Gyuto Monastery in Dharamsala to do this.
  • Dedicate the puja for yourself to not have any sickness related to Lyme disease, to not be sick, to be healthy and to have a most meaningful life, to have realizations of bodhicitta and quickly to achieve enlightenment. To not be reborn in the lower realms and to quickly achieve enlightenment—for yourself as well as all sentient beings.
  • Long-life pills: I’m not sure if anything is left over (tsampa ones) from the Light of the Path retreat.
  • Long-life nectar: from the last day of the Light of the Path retreat.
  • You need to wear White Umbrella and Most Secret Hayagriva protection. When you wear the protection, take it off when you shower so it doesn’t get wet and don’t wear it in bed otherwise you will lie on it, so that means take it off when you sleep and keep it next to you.
  • You should read the Arya Sanghata Sutra six times, not only for you to get better but for all sentient beings to heal disease and for their enlightenment.
  • I have some very precious salt that was blessed by Khadro-la in retreat, and the salt changed color. You need to take it four times.
  • Mantra water: I will bless water for you to drink.

So this is my advice for now. Please continue to make your life most meaningful with the thought of bodhicitta.

With much love and prayers...