Letter to a Geshe

Letter to a Geshe

Date Posted:
December 2006

Rinpoche sent the following letter to a young geshe after a visit to the Dharma center where the geshe teaches.

Most kind, having wisdom beautified with precious morality, Geshe Monlam,

I enjoyed my stay very much. I don’t think I have benefited the people much, but I really rejoice in the unity, and how harmonious things are from the people’s side, and from your, the resident teacher’s side, as well. I thought everything was well arranged.

The other important thing that I have wanted to mention to you for a long time is I want to have every single instruction on how to make the best dal, which the Tibetan cook makes. Maybe you could send it to me or he can send it to me, if you give him my address.

Thank you very much for everything that you do, which is benefiting other sentient beings and the teachings of Buddhism. It is one way to repay the kindness of our incomparably kind compassionate Shakyamuni Buddha, who has chosen us sentient beings of the degenerate time to bring to liberation and enlightenment. The best way Buddha liberates us is by revealing the Dharma. The best way to repay the kindness of sentient beings is by teaching the Dharma, by example, because the teachings of Buddha are the only way to get rid of the causes of sufferings, which are within. The teachings do this not only through caring, but because they work…if they are put into practice. They contain the complete path to enlightenment.

Again, thank you very much. We need many young geshes like you, all over the world. You are not only a teacher; you work together with the people, help them, and inspire them at the same time with compassion.

With much love and prayers...