Lamrim Is the Best Practice

Lamrim Is the Best Practice

Date of Advice:
July 2021
Date Posted:
July 2022

A student had completed various preliminary practices, as well as three million Chenrezig mantras, many nyung näs, tonglen and Vajra Cutter Sutra recitations. However, the student had difficulties with effortful lamrim meditation and felt unable to structure it or concentrate on lamrim. Rinpoche advised the importance of lamrim practice. 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche with Lamrim Year, 2021. Photo: Roger Kunsang.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling one,
Yes, of course you should continue with nyung nä practice as much as possible.

Regarding lamrim, the structure doesn’t matter. Do it whenever you can, but you have to do it.

There’s no enlightenment without lamrim. There’s nothing more important in the life than practicing lamrim; there’s no way to go to enlightenment without lamrim. There’s nothing more important in the life then practicing lamrim. There’s no way to go to enlightenment without lamrim.

There’s no way to jump into enlightenment without lamrim, so it’s the best life. Of course, with bodhicitta, but bodhicitta is based on renunciation, and then there’s emptiness, the two truths, like the two legs, there is absolute bodhicitta and conventional bodhicitta. It’s really amazing meditation to cut all the basic [ignorance] from where all the suffering arises—the self-cherishing thought, the ignorance holding the I and phenomena as truly existent.

That much tonglen that you have done, how much you have done, that is great, incredible, great, great.

Lamrim is the best, so try to have realization of lamrim. It is the best, best practice, the best. When you become closer to lamrim realizations, then you become closer, closer to enlightenment. Thank you very much.

Then you can do retreats, sometimes Tara Cittamani, or sometimes Yamantaka or Chakrasamvara, or a deity that you have received initiation for. If you like, you can do that. By practicing tantra, it becomes easier to achieve enlightenment. It leaves positive imprints, so it’s a quick way to enlightenment. So thank you very much.

With much love and prayers ...