Incarnate Lama

Incarnate Lama

Date Posted:
December 2010

The following is a letter from Rinpoche to Hardong Khangzen at Sera Je Monastery, regarding an incarnate lama.

This letter is to explain the following matter mainly to the sublime Geshe Drukda, who is endowed with loving kindness and incomparable kindness, and all the students of the Hardong Khangzen.

The incarnate lama, Lobsang Tenzin, who is incarnation of the 91st Ganden Tripa, checked with dreams about the child, Tsering Tharchin. He dreamed that outside Tsering Tharchin’s home there are two trees, and two khatags were trying to go in through the window of the house.

Also, in my observation it came out very well that this child is the incarnation of Geshe Thubten Tashi.

So, this is to explain that the principal, main objective for looking for the incarnation of the teacher is to be of benefit to the teachings, Buddha, and sentient beings, and to make the child pure in morality (having subdued, peaceful conduct) and good-hearted. On that basis, then he should study the extensive scriptures of the Buddha.

So, this is my request.

I, Thubten Zopa, having the name of incarnation, offer this with a prayer.