How to Think When Doing a Puja

How to Think When Doing a Puja

Date of Advice:
March 2018
Date Posted:
March 2019

Advice on how to generate a pure motivation to benefit others when doing a puja.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Kurukulla Center, Boston, USA. August 2018.  Photo: Amdo GT Photography.

When doing any puja, you can think, “I am doing this puja for any sentient being who needs this puja.” So motivate for everyone, not for your work or for yourself, and not for money. Then doing the puja becomes Dharma, because of the pure motivation, because of your thought to benefit others.

Also dedicate for people who are dying or sick, or for anyone who needs it. So all those people who are in so much need for prayers, the puja is for all of them. Whatever you do, try to benefit sentient beings, not just recite prayers.

The whole Buddhadharma comes to this: to not harm others and to benefit others. Just having the mere thought to benefit someone is better than making offerings to numberless buddhas.

If you follow the mind, which is unsubdued, that harms you and harms numberless sentient beings from life to life. If you practice the good heart, then it only benefits you from life to life.

How do the Kadampa geshes practice the holy Dharma? They give up their lives for numberless sentient beings, thinking about what is best for sentient beings. So even when facing sickness or death, think about whatever is of most benefit for sentient beings.