How to Think About Financial Problems

How to Think About Financial Problems

Date Posted:
June 2013

A letter from Rinpoche to a student.

My most dear Leanne,
How are you? You were saying you had difficulties in finance. I thought you might have wasted a lot of money after you separated from your husband, if you were not being careful.

Regarding your financial difficulties, think carefully—this means according to Dharma. Then everything becomes good karma, collecting merits and purifying negative karma, so that means a good cause of success and happiness—both temporary and ultimate happiness; especially if everything is done with bodhicitta, the thought of benefiting sentient beings. Then every single mantra you recite collects limitless skies of merits, as well as each walk, each movement, and each word.

Guru devotion and service, obeying advice is the biggest solution; even enlighten all suffering sentient beings. Then with bodhicitta, tong-len [taking and giving] and lo-jong [mind training] you can overcome almost all the problems; with bodhicitta and emptiness you can solve any problems.

With much love and prayers...