How to Bless Texts

How to Bless Texts

Date Posted:
December 2010

Rinpoche gave the following advice on how to bless texts.

In your mind make a strong request to Guru, Buddha and Sangha to be absorbed into the text or images. Think that they have all been absorbed into the text or image.

Recite the following: I bless this text/image in order to be protected from any obstacles, to have protection from fire, water, wind, and earth, as well as from any other distractions of the mind, protection from harm from spirits, from any sickness of the body and mind, and protection from delusions, as well as inner and outer obstacles. Also, please cause me to actualize the whole path to enlightenment, and to realize bodhicitta and the clear light immediately.

Make the following prayers: May any sentient being in the area, by purifying their negative karma, never be reborn in the lower realms, and at the time of death may they be reborn in a pure land where they achieve enlightenment or receive a perfect human rebirth, meet a perfectly qualified Mahayana Guru, and by actualizing the path achieve enlightenment as quickly as possible.

All buddhas and bodhisattvas are then absorbed into the text.

Recite the mantra of dependent arising 21 times. Add these words at the beginning of the mantra: NAMO RATNATAYA, then recite the mantra 21 times. By adding the words NAMO RATNATAYA it means all the buddhas and bodhisattvas abide there.