Hep B and Hep C Pujas

Hep B and Hep C Pujas

Date of Advice:
January 2017
Date Posted:
August 2019

A student with Hepatitis B and C asked Rinpoche for advice.

Rinpoche advised doing these pujas:

  • Gyab shi: 2x, at Samtenling Monastery, near Boudha, Nepal.
  • She nyin du dog: At Serkong Dorje Chang’s Monastery.
  • Extensive Medicine Buddha puja, composed by the Fifth Dalai Lama: Four times at Kopan Monastery, Nepal. At least twice, but if possible four times.
  • Zung du (Collection of Dharanis): To be read three times by the geshes.

Also recite the Vajra Armor mantra and after reciting this, blow on mineral water. Repeat this practice several times a day, then sip the water several times a day.

There is another powerful method that came out in Rinpoche’s mo [divination] as very good. This is specially blessed holy water prepared by Rinpoche, who did some practices with it. I will send it to you for sipping several times a day.